Mission statement

Markets Management and the Bury Market Traders' Association work very closely in partnership with one and other through consultation meetings that help them devise strategies for the good of the market.

The joint statement sets out future action and policies on wide ranging issues for the market and its customers.

Traders and Markets Management will:

  • Act against discrimination by promoting equality of opportunity between people of differing race, religion, gender, age and ability.
  • Support the Market's corporate aims, objectives, goals and values.
  • Encourage competitive businesses to develop and create a sustainable and diverse local economy
  • Maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • Create and maintain an environment of goodwill and co-operation.
  • Promote a positive image and improve continually the quality of services offered to customers.
  • Create a better future for existing and newer generations.
  • Provide a range of saleable goods to satisfy public demand.
  • Ensure equality of access and opportunities for everyone
  • Operate markets on the basis of shopping centre standards

The implementation of the mission statement provides clarity and opportunities to work together to make incremental improvements as budgets allow. 

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