Council housing

Do you qualify for housing in Bury?

If you would like to rent a council property you will need to apply to join our Housing Register.

How long will I have to wait?

There are a limited number of council properties becoming available each week. In September 2022 we had 1,609 households on the waiting list. These households have so far already been waiting on average:

  • 1 bed property - 376 days
  • 2 bed property - 426 days
  • 3 bed property - 556 days
  • 4 bed property - 722 days
  • 5 bed property - 1087 days

Note: The council do not have any 5 bedroom properties in their stock. Applicants with a 5 bed need are able to bid on larger 4 bed properties that have a separate downstairs reception room.

You may be waiting a considerable amount of time for a council property and you should consider other options such as Housing Associations, private rent and affordable housing. Due to this we ask you to check whether you are eligible and qualify for housing in Bury before you complete an application form.

Check if you are eligible and qualify for council housing in Bury

Please note: If you are eligible you will be automatically redirected to the Housing Application form. However we recommend that you read the information and guidance on this page before you complete the application, in particular, the Housing allocation policy.

What if I'm not eligible for Council Housing?

If you are not eligible there are other options for you to consider:

Further information


Property types

Contact for Housing Options