What properties are available?

Important information

Click on the properties below to find out whether they are home ownership / discount market housing, shared ownership, shared equity or intermediate rent.

Property details will not be removed until individual sales have completed. If you are interested in a particular property that is currently 'under offer' we will make a note of your interest and contact you if the current sale falls through.

Some apartments and houses may have service and/or management charges. For more information please contact the relevant sales office, housing association, or agent or letting agent for the property you are interested in. Contact details and telephone numbers are provided where appropriate.

The photographs featured in the property pages below are for advertising purposes only and the fixtures and fittings illustrated are not available for purchase (unless stated).

The price shown is the price you pay (you will have to have the property valued before you buy it, to make sure that the price is correct - this is your responsibility).