Freedom of Information publication scheme

What is a Publication Scheme?

A publication Scheme is a guide to the 'classes' of information that the council intends to make available. Information is not limited to that produced on paper. Therefore, information made available via the council's website will also be part of the scheme.

What are 'Classes' of information

A 'class' is the information available on any particular subject. A class could be a specific document, such as the council's constitution, a policy or strategy. It could also consist of a specific leaflet, or plan, a photograph.

What sort information will be made available?

We have included as much information as possible, without making the scheme too complicated to use. We have also considered what information the public have already shown an interest in. We intend to constantly update and add to the scheme. Your suggestions about what information you think could be added to the scheme are welcome.

Will I be charged for requesting information from within this scheme?

Most of the information covered in the scheme will be available free of charge. The council may make a charge when providing information involving significant amounts of work or photocopying. 

Will I be able to see all the information within the scheme?

The Freedom of Information Act does contain some exemptions which list the type of information that can be withheld, and under what circumstance (for example, personal information and court records). A full list of the exemptions is given in the Act.

Classes of Information contained in the scheme

Who we are and what we do

  • Council's Constitution
  • Council's democratic structure - Information about council meetings, Executive and other committee structures.
  • Contacting the Council - Information about locations, opening times and contact details
  • Currently elected Councillors, there information and contact details - Elected Councillors of the Council and their contact details
  • Local Election results - Political composition of the Council
  • Relationship with other Authorities - Association of Greater Manchester Authorities
  • Partnerships - Team Bury - A network of geographic and thematic partnerships across the borough co-ordinated by the Executive Board of Team Bury to focus on improving the quality of life for people of the borough.

What we spend and how we spend it

  • Statement of Accounts
  • Council Tax
  • Members allowance scheme - Entitlements and expense claims
  • Details of contracts currently being tendered - Procurement policies and guidance, and contracts currently available for public tender
  • List of awarded contracts - Contracts awarded under the Public Contract Regulations 2006 as published in The Official Journal of the European Union.

What our priorities are and how we are doing

  • Annual Reports - The Council's Annual Report/Council Plan
  • Policies, Strategies and Management Information
  • Economic Development Plans - Economic development strategy and plans for the Council
  • Forward Plans - Details the key decisions that the Council is going to take
  • Inspection reports/reviews - Reports / findings and improvement plans covering Council services
  • Performance - Overall performance data on how the Council performs
  • Local Area Agreements - Partnership Agreements made by the Council by working with various groups and partnerships in the public, private, voluntary and community and faith sectors.

How we make decisions

  • Timetable of Council meetings - Committee dates for the current year
  • Committee Structures - Made up of elected members the Council appoints various committees to deal with important issues
  • Overview & Scrutiny - Provides accountability to the overall decision making process
  • Public Consultations - Consultation papers and information on types/forthcoming consultation.

The scheme includes information publicised on the Council's website where you will find that the majority of this information is available. A number of links have been provided on the right hand column of this web page under related pages and downloads taking you to our most up to date information available on our website. You can also use the websites A-Z to undertake your own searches for this information.   

Services provided by the Council

The Council's website provides a comprehensive A to Z of services.

Information is not displayed or available?

If the information you are after is not available i.e. you cannot locate it via the links provided or within other parts of the website using the A-Z it may mean that it is not currently available online or the information has been restricted or is exempt in which case you will need to make a formal Freedom of Information Request to the Council. This may be done in a number of ways, these include via e-mail to our Customer Contact Centre or in writing (see contact us top right of this page).

Please note: As with all such requests an automatic charge may apply subject to the type of information being requested, it will be specified at the time of the request and will be payable in advance of the document being provided. There will also be times when a charge will apply because of the way in which the Council has prepared the information for you such as having the information translated or converted in some other way or having it photocopied, again you will be notified of the charges in advance.

Contact for Freedom of Information