What is Affordable Housing?

The Affordable Housing Scheme is part of a government initiative to provide low cost housing.

The majority of properties are general needs dwellings for families, singles and couples (you do not have to be a first time buyer to access a property on the scheme).

If properties are developed for people with particular needs, e.g. adapted properties for applicants who have a physical impairment, this will be stated on the relevant advert. The Council will give priority to applicants whose application has recorded their need for this particular type of housing.  If properties are developed for a particular customer group such as older people, they will only be allocated to customers with these characteristics.   

You do not have to be on the Council's Housing Waiting List to access these properties.

How does it work?

There are various types of affordable housing that could become available from time to time on this scheme. 

  1. Home Ownership/Discount Market Housing -
    Properties are offered for sale on selected sites with a discount off the full market value. For example, a £100,000 house with a 25% discount will be offered to qualifying applicants on our scheme for £75,000. This is not shared equity or shared ownership (there is no rent or equity loan to repay) and even though you have been given a discount, you own the whole property.  You do not have to repay the discount.  However, there is a restriction on the title which means that when you want to sell the property you must sell it on to the next person with the same level of discount.
  2. Intermediate Rent -
    Allows you to rent a property on selected sites at 80% of the full market rent e.g. if the full market rent is £500 per month, applicants on the Affordable Housing Scheme will pay £400 per month.
  3. Shared Ownership -
    Shared ownership is a part-buy, part-rent scheme.  It allows you to buy a share of a property on selected sites and pay a reduced rent to the landlord on the remaining share which they own.  Eligible applicants can usually purchase between 25% and 75% of the property initially, depending upon their financial circumstances.  This means that buyers will need a smaller mortgage and deposit (minimum 5% subject to lender requirements) than they would need if they were buying the property outright.  They will also have the option to buy more shares as and when they can afford to. Monthly costs are usually lower than renting the same home privately.
  4. Shared Equity -
    Shared equity allows you to buy a property on selected sites with the help of a shared equity loan.  The equity loan will be a second charge on your property, representing a percentage of the value of your property. Therefore, when you pay back the loan, you will pay it back as a percentage of the current market value of your home. 

Shared equity and shared ownership schemes are different.  With a shared equity scheme you own all of the property, albeit you have a loan on a part of your deposit.  Whereas, with a shared ownership scheme you only own a portion of your home with the chance to buy back more from the landlord when you can. 

Each development will have its own allocation policy/criteria, you will need to check the requirements for the specific scheme/property you are interested in for full details, as and when properties are available. See Affordable Housing scheme terms and conditions to find out more about these schemes.

Please note: this is not Council Housing and if you wish to apply for Council Housing you should visit Council housing webpage.

If you are interested in applying for the Affordable Housing Scheme please follow the link below.

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