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An e-Petition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions to be made available to a potentially greater audience than a traditional paper based petition. Anyone who lives, works or studies within Bury can sign a petition.

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E-Petitions are an important part of Bury Council's ongoing commitment to listening to and acting on the views of the public. If you submit an online petition, you will get more people signing if you tell people about it.

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Current e-Petitions

ePET068 - Obstructing pavements in residential areas

There are many more vehicles on the roads, with many households having 2 or 3 cars, residents and their visitors are parking on the pavements.

This not only causes difficulty for pedestrians but also could lead to possible car damage.

I'm asking the council to put an end to this and insists householders, where they can to park on their driveways / forecourts, do so.

Sign the petition ePET068 - Obstructing pavements in residential areas

ePET067 - Traffic calming - Ainsworth Village

The Ainsworth Community Association request the council conduct a traffic survey in the village, resulting in effective traffic calming measures being implemented to reduce the dangerous level of speeding that is occurring, often causing damage to vehicles and property.

Sign the petition ePET067 - Traffic calming - Ainsworth Village

ePET061 - Bury Council to come out of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Bury Council to come out of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and submit a local plan based on housing need and not housing targets.

  • We need a local plan that is fit for the purpose of Bury residents and not that of the Greater Manchester Council Authority.
  • We need a plan using the latest household projection data available not data that is 5 years out of date. Bury's original 20 year local plan using 2016 ONS data required 6,500 homes not 11,500 as outlined in the redrafted GMSF.
  • We need a local plan for Bury that adopts a brownfield first approach for housing to ensure better protection of the greenbelt. There was enough brownfield on the register for 4,700 dwellings.
  • We need to ensure as best as possible that all vacant properties are occupied before approving planning for more houses. Currently 1000 homes lay vacant.
  • All housing completions and future house building plans since the beginning of the GMSF must be included in overall housing figures when a plan is finally agreed and approved. Plans have been submitted in the last 12 months for over 1,100 new homes in Bury.
  • It is now clear central government targets for housing are not mandatory requirements and a local plan only needs to withstand a government inspection. For example Bury could submit a 15 year plan for inspection and state exceptional circumstances to prevent the loss of any greenbelt. However, Goodworth Clatford in Hampshire submitted a 10 year local plan in March 2019 that was approved by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government!

Sign the petition ePET061 - Bury Council to come out of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

e-Petitions closed in the last 12 months

ePET066 - Support for Radcliffe High School Bid

We the undersigned believe:

  • Radcliffe is a proud town with a rich heritage.
  • That the building of a new secondary school in Radcliffe is vital to improve the education of local children.
  • The educational attainment of children is adversely affected by having to travel outside of the town.
  • That the building of a new state of the art secondary school together with new leisure facilities will help regenerate the centre of Radcliffe and create a new sense of civic pride.

We therefore support any bid from Bury Metropolitan Borough Council to the education minister to build a new secondary school within the Town of Radcliffe.

ePET064 - Save Ramsbottom pool recreation field

We object to plans to build a 200 space car park on the recreation field adjacent to Ramsbottom swimming pool.

ePET063 - Stop the use of glyphosate herbicides in Bury

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. It is used to kill weeds across the Borough including Bury's residential areas, green spaces, playgrounds, near schools, and roadsides.

In 2015 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the World Health Organisation's cancer agency, concluded that it was "probably carcinogenic to humans". In 2016, a joint report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UN said that, there was "evidence of a positive association between glyphosate exposure and risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma". Recent studies have also found that glyphosate damages the beneficial bacteria in the guts of honeybees and makes them more prone to deadly infections.

We want Bury Council to discontinue the use of herbicides containing this life damaging ingredient and find alternative, non-damaging methods to land management.

ePET062 - Bury Council to declare a climate change emergency

Bury Council please declare a climate change emergency. Declaring a climate change emergency sends an important message to the national government that we demand support to achieve zero emissions. It allows honest conversation with local people about the impact of climate change in Bury. It allows the council to immediately focus on reducing emissions in the areas it can control.

Reducing emission includes:

  • Actively consulting with the local community on a zero-carbon plan that benefits our local community and shared environment.
  • Considering carbon emissions as a top priority in the Greater Manchester's Combined Authority Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment (The Spatial Framework), as well as in all other town planning.
  • Providing information and support for local people to retrofit their homes for energy efficiency.
  • Setting a target for all council buildings and services to be zero emissions and zero plastic waste.
  • Divesting council funds from fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy.
  • Investing in public transport and providing real, immediate support for people who want to make walking and cycling their preferred transport option.

ePET065 - Gate for St Mary's play area

St Mary's Park (Prestwich) playground has an area for small children to play. This play area is next to a dog walking area, which has an opening (not gated) directly into the playground. Myself and other parents have witnessed dogs running onto the play area and it is very alarming. I would suggest that a gate is put in place to create a barrier between the play area and the field / dog running area. This would be a minimal cost and could, potentially, save a child's life.

ePET060 - Traffic calming for Greenbank Road, Radcliffe

We need traffic calming to be put in place on Greenbank Road, Radcliffe. Cars travel far too fast up and down the road.

ePET059 - Bring Council owned buildings within Radcliffe back into use

Currently there are a number of buildings within Radcliffe that are no longer in use but are still owned by Bury Council. Therefore, this petition proposes that these are investigated by Bury Council and, were appropriate, brought back into use.

Immediate work is needed to the building next to Kelsalls on Dale Street in Radcliffe, which is owned by Bury Council. This building in particular is in an extremely poor state, with trees protruding out of the walls and roof, and is an eyesore when coming into the town. This building could be made into a local restaurant, a nightclub or many other facilities that could benefit the town, bearing in mind its location.

ePET058 - Radcliffe wants proportionate spending within Bury Metropolitan Borough

Radcliffe, as a town, has been in a decline for more than two decades, while other towns seem to be having more spent on them and are now considered nice places to live.

Therefore, the town needs immediate and proportionate spending in order to stop this decline and rebuild what was once a proud town into a place people want to live.

ePET057 - Parking on Burrs Close

The entrance to Burrs close, Brandlesholme, Bury has become a cause for concern:

  • Cars double parking on either side of the road causing obstruction to
    the entry and exit into the close.
  • Residents not having access to their driveways, local refuse services have difficulty gaining access when collecting refuse.
  • Emergency vehicles would not be able to gain access should they need to enter.
  • Cars are driving on pavements to gain access when not being able gain access via the road.
  • Cars entering the close and using it as a turning circle after visiting the shops across the road.

Conditions are becoming rather congested and dangerous.

Please support this petition to request parking restrictions on the street .

ePET056 - High school for Radcliffe

Radcliffe is currently seeing a lot of development. As I wrote this, news was filtering through of an application to build 400 homes on the site of the East Lancashire Paper Mill. There are 40 new homes proposed for the civic hall site.

When I grew up in Radcliffe there were two high schools, now there are none. The town is growing in size but going backwards academically.

Please support my proposal that all funds from the Section 106 arrangements are invested into a new high school for the town. It has been too long since the children were served by one.

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