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ePET084 - Green belt land

Stopping building on land that shouldn't be built on.

Sign the petition ePET084 - Green belt land

ePET083 - Climate friendly, plant-based food in schools

We the undersigned petition Bury Council to implement a carefully managed transition to at least 2 plant-based days in all state-run schools as soon as is practically possible. We also request that all council run events be plant-based, (post pandemic) plus any other council run establishments (e.g. day centres etc ) in order to reduce food emissions.

Food production alone is set to push Earth past 1.5°C of warming according to an Oxford University meta analysis in 2018. "If we don't change what we do with food, we would miss the 1.5°C target within 30 to 45 years," says Professor Michael Clark. He adds, "The most effective one seems to be transitioning to a plant-based diet". He adds:

"Animal agriculture and fishing industries are leading causes of deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution, biodiversity loss, and species extinction. Not only that, intensive animal farming poses has a significant threat for the development of new pandemics, and for furthered antibacterial resistance to emerge."

When Bury Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 your motion stated:

"Unless action is taken at every level of government to do much more to drive cuts in emissions, the battle to tackle climate change will be lost."

Sign the petition ePET083 - Climate friendly, plant-based food in schools

Online petitions closed in the last 12 months

ePET085 - Speed limits, Parr Lane, Unsworth

Speed control on the speed limits on Parr Lane in Unsworth.

There are cars speeding up and down Parr Lane witnessed on numerous occasions, cars racing at top speeds and it is very dangerous. We need police actions and speed controls to be put in place before a serious accident happens.

ePET080 - New pedestrian crossing and island in Tottington Village

We the undersigned instruct Bury Council to install a new pedestrian crossing and island in the vicinity of the newly opened petrol and retail premises on Market Street, Tottington.

ePET082 - Blueball Lane, Simister - Litter and Fly-tipping

We would like some action to be taken regarding the constant fly-tipping on Blueball Lane and the accompanying fields as well as the dirt track part of Simister Lane leading to Heywood Old road. This has been a significant and continued problem in the area with regular occurrences over many years and no sign of this stopping.

We would ask that council provide the community with a strategy that will prevent this continuation of law breaking and disrespect of the local environment.

We would ask that an investigation is undertaken to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible or measure put in place to deter further tipping.

I understand that on many occasions this fly-tipping would need to be removed at a cost. This has happened on many occasions and will continue to do so if no action is taken. If some budget is provided then this would reduce the need for funds to be spent in the future to remove the litter.

ePET078 - Stop building

No building in Bury.

ePET081 - Removal of useless double yellow lines

On George Street, outside number 48, there are useless double yellow lines. They serve no purpose and Councillor Alan Quinn has been to see them and admits they are ridiculous. After contacting the council and being told different excuses they then told me as an individual I can do nothing.

Please help by getting the council to remove the excessive unnecessary double yellow lines.

ePET077 - Local Plan

We the undersigned demands that Bury MBC withdraws from the GMSF (Greater Manchester Spatial Framework) and adopts a Local Plan based on current population figures, the reasoning behind it is that the Borough of Bury is unique in its size and land availability, so given that, we ask that all options are used before the release of any greenbelt.

ePET076 - Build a skate park in Bury

Children and teenagers are always wondering on their street with bikes, skateboards and scooters. Many times, there have been cars almost crashing into them.

Bury council should build a safe environment to both keep children and teenagers out of harms way and encourage them to become more active

ePET079 - 20 mph restriction

Please can we reduce speeding in this built up area Hutchinson Way, Radcliffe, to reduce risk of accidents.

ePET075 - Stanley Road (M45) - Speed restriction measures

We would like to ask the council to put in vehicle speed restrictions (e.g. speed bumps, chicanes etc.) along Stanley Road between Bury New Road and Moss Lane in order to safeguard the local residents and protect the recreational users of Whitefield Park, plus members of the local scout group.

Within the last 18 months there have been at least two serious road accidents which resulted in the emergency services being called, due to vehicles crashing at speed at the mini-roundabout to Mather Avenue. Both these incidents resulted in damage to residential homes (car crashed into a boundary wall) and local businesses (car crashed into the scout hut opposite Mather Avenue).

Souped up cars regularly speed along Stanley Road at all hours which, along with the potential risk of accident, causes noise nuisance.

ePET074 - Request for street signs for the safety of all residents

We would like to request street signs displayed along our street for the safety of our children and residents. There are a lot of children that play on this street, cars and vans sometimes speed down Wingate Drive and its only a matter of time before an accident will happen. There is also a blind spot when turning left out of Wingate Drive, again blind spot when turning into the street. We could do with a mirror fixing to the post so we can see cars coming and going around the bend. This would prevent any children and residents getting hurt by 2 way traffic.

This street has a large percentage of children living here, we are all concerned for their wellbeing by cars and delivery vans coming and going and children playing. A few signs would really help alert people for the health and safety of all families on Wingate Drive.

ePET061 - Bury Council to come out of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Bury Council to come out of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and submit a local plan based on housing need and not housing targets.

  • We need a local plan that is fit for the purpose of Bury residents and not that of the Greater Manchester Council Authority.
  • We need a plan using the latest household projection data available not data that is 5 years out of date. Bury's original 20 year local plan using 2016 ONS data required 6,500 homes not 11,500 as outlined in the redrafted GMSF.
  • We need a local plan for Bury that adopts a brownfield first approach for housing to ensure better protection of the greenbelt. There was enough brownfield on the register for 4,700 dwellings.
  • We need to ensure as best as possible that all vacant properties are occupied before approving planning for more houses. Currently 1000 homes lay vacant.
  • All housing completions and future house building plans since the beginning of the GMSF must be included in overall housing figures when a plan is finally agreed and approved. Plans have been submitted in the last 12 months for over 1,100 new homes in Bury.
  • It is now clear central government targets for housing are not mandatory requirements and a local plan only needs to withstand a government inspection. For example Bury could submit a 15 year plan for inspection and state exceptional circumstances to prevent the loss of any greenbelt. However, Goodworth Clatford in Hampshire submitted a 10 year local plan in March 2019 that was approved by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government!

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