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ePET107 - Pedestrian crossing on Parr Lane

I'm asking for some assistance in making it safer for people crossing Parr Lane. It's virtually impossible to cross, especially during rush hour.

Cars are going at far in excess of the speeds limit, and the bends and cars parked up on the crossing just before the CoOp make visibility very limited.

I witnessed a near accident last night with a car and a young child.

The road needs something to assist, especially with Unsworth Primary School being so close. Even during school hours the lollipop lady who covers the corner spends more time on the smaller road than the main road, Parr Lane, where there is an accident waiting to happen.

Sign the petition: ePET107 - Pedestrian crossing on Parr Lane

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ePET106 - Traffic lights

I would like you to think about putting up some traffic lights or pedestrian crossing near Ainsworth Road post office, Bury.

The number of old people I see trying to cross the road is unbelievable, they need traffic lights or a crossing there as otherwise they have to walk all the way down to Whitehead Park to use the lights there, then have to walk to the post office and then back down to cross the road again. The number of cars that come up and down Ainsworth Road speeding is horrendous and the drivers won't slow down even if an old person is trying to cross the road.

It's an accident waiting to happen.

ePET105 - Redbank field

To scrap any plans to build AstroTurf football pitches on Redbank Field in Radcliffe, leaving it as it's always been, a field for the public to enjoy and relax, and every now and then football teams play football on it, but do not alter it in any way, other than extending the car park taking some part of the field to keep Unsworth Road clear when there's football on, because its very, very busy.

Please don't take away that beautiful field.

ePET104 - Traffic calming on Hunters Hill

The Sykes Avenue estate is listed as a 20mph zone, however, there are numerous occasions of cars flying up and down the street clearly in excess of 30mph. This is an area with a high family and children concentration and these speeding drivers are putting them at risk.

Traffic calming measures such as speed bumps need to be installed.

In addition, lack of parking on Sykes Avenue is resulting in cars and vans parking fully on the pavements, not only does this stop people using the pavement and having to walk on the road, it is also causing a visible obstruction for other motorists who cant see what is coming up the road past the vans parked on the pavement. Either new parking needs to be made on Sykes Avenue or bollards need to be placed on sections of the pavement.

ePET103 - Dog waste and general bins for the nature trail on Greendale Drive

Greendale Drive has a nature trail that a lot of local residents use to exercise their dogs. There is also a small children's forest play area along the walk.

There are no rubbish bins or dog waste bins along the route or at the start and finish of the trail resulting in lots of dog waste and rubbish.

There is a pond with wildlife on the trail and the vast amount of rubbish is also dangerous for the wildlife as well as unsightly.

ePET102 - Stand Lane road safety

In the past 2 years there has been an increase in serious incidents on Stand Lane due to speeding.

This isn't new however, and a number of people have been injured or died on the road since 2012.

Residents feel it's far too easy for vehicles to speed up and down the road, and given the built up residential parts of the road such as Chapelfield Village - this often results in a major crash and as has happened recently, a person is seriously injured or potentially killed. We can't wait for that to happen again.

We need the council alongside the police to have a serious look into the road layout and what can be done. Whether that's further implementing traffic calming measures, a speed camera, 20mph zone through Chapelfield Village or speed bumps - something has to be done.

ePET101 - Clean up Kay Gardens

Clean up Kay Gardens especially the Kay Monument.

ePET100 - Save our Adult Learning Centre

Save our senior services.

The Adult Learning Centre has been here for many years. We all need to have the opportunity to learn and socialise. Do not take this away from us.

This service can help us to advance our knowledge and find more opportunities in both work and life.

Please do not close this valued service.

ePET098 - Traffic calming measures

Traffic calming / measures on the B6222 which incorporates Bell Lane, Rochdale Old Road and Bury & Rochdale Old Road in Bury.

ePET099 - Expedite time of traffic improvements on junction of Kings Road and Bury New Road, Sedgley

There are currently temporary Traffic lights and traffic restrictions on junction of Bury New Road and Kings Road in Sedgley park.

Bury New Road is a main traffic artery into town, the locality serves many businesses and two large schools.

The traffic and disturbance caused is not justifiable to go on for 12 weeks.

This work should be carried out speedily and be managed to take place over a shorter time period, 12 weeks is just down to bad management of contractors without any consideration given to the local neighbourhood and the disturbance this is causing.

ePET096 - Volume of traffic

I am proposing that the area around the Elton Liberal Club, in particular Allen Street and New George Street should have some sort of traffic control measures put into place.

The club has now reopened the large function room to be hired out seven days a week. The bakery on New George Street is also open seven days a week, and at times, the flow of traffic is similar to a main road at times. This also has attracted speeding cars using the area as a race track and the addition of heavy goods vehicles using Allen Street as a cut through has significantly increased.

It is only a matter of time until a serious incident happens. The roads on the side streets are not designed to have the amount of traffic using them.

ePET097 - Speed bumps on Bury Road (Tottington)

Please could we have traffic calming measures such as speed bumps on Bury/Tottington Road.

I moved to Bury Road on 25 June and have witnessed three different road traffic accidents all involving cars crashing in to buildings. The first was a car speeding that drove into somebody's garden wall, the second was a car that lost control and drove straight through a bus stop and completely destroyed it, and the third was a car that drove directly in to a house.

I hear on a daily basis of people driving past unsafely and/or speeding and I feel it is just a matter of time before another accident occurs.

Please add speed bumps to the road.

ePET095 - Re-open Whitefield Library as a community library

I am 11 years old and I live in Whitefield. I love books.

Without a local library some children will not learn to love books because they don't have enough money to buy them. If the library was re-opened with volunteers running it, it could also host crafts and storytelling during school holidays. It would also be a good place for older people who are lonely to socialise.

If you agree, please sign my petition.

ePET094 - Speed breakers on Redvales Road

We, the undersigned, want speed breakers to be installed on Redvales Road.

Drivers do speeding on Redvales Road. It's residential area.

ePET092 - Save our greenbelt

We the undersigned deplore the decision taken at Bury Council on 28 July 2021 to approve the Places for Everyone plan.

We demand that the matter is brought before Bury Council again for a debate and a vote to reverse the decision and not proceed with the Places for Everyone plan.

ePET090 - Stop speeding in Walshaw

Something really needs to be done about the amount of cars speeding up Walshaw Road and on High Street. There are cars and often motorcycles travelling well over the legal speed limit at all hours but especially at night.

This is extremely dangerous for residents of the area and their pets, we personally have had two cats killed by speeding motorists on High Street in the last year and I'm sure there are others.

It is only a matter of time before another pet or even a person is injured or killed by these irresponsible and reckless motorists!

It is time something was done about this. Traffic calming methods need to be brought into the area as soon as possible.

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