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An e-Petition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions to be made available to a potentially greater audience than a traditional paper based petition. Anyone who lives, works or studies within Bury can sign a petition.

You can sign an existing petition by accessing any of the active e-Petitions listed below or submit a new petition using the link:

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E-Petitions are an important part of Bury Council's ongoing commitment to listening to and acting on the views of the public. If you submit an online petition, you will get more people signing if you tell people about it.

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Current e-Petitions

ePET060 - Traffic calming for Greenbank Road, Radcliffe

We need traffic calming to be put in place on Greenbank Road, Radcliffe. Cars travel far too fast up and down the road.

Sign the petition ePET060 - Traffic calming for Greenbank Road, Radcliffe

ePET059 - Bring Council owned buildings within Radcliffe back into use

Currently there are a number of buildings within Radcliffe that are no longer in use but are still owned by Bury Council. Therefore, this petition proposes that these are investigated by Bury Council and, were appropriate, brought back into use.

Immediate work is needed to the building next to Kelsalls on Dale Street in Radcliffe, which is owned by Bury Council. This building in particular is in an extremely poor state, with trees protruding out of the walls and roof, and is an eyesore when coming into the town. This building could be made into a local restaurant, a nightclub or many other facilities that could benefit the town, bearing in mind its location.

Sign the petition ePET059 - Bring Council owned buildings within Radcliffe back into use

ePET058 - Radcliffe wants proportionate spending within Bury Metropolitan Borough

Radcliffe, as a town, has been in a decline for more than two decades, while other towns seem to be having more spent on them and are now considered nice places to live.

Therefore, the town needs immediate and proportionate spending in order to stop this decline and rebuild what was once a proud town into a place people want to live.

Sign the petition ePET058 - Radcliffe wants proportionate spending within Bury Metropolitan Borough

e-Petitions closed in the last 12 months

ePET057 - Parking on Burrs Close

The entrance to Burrs close, Brandlesholme, Bury has become a cause for concern:

  • Cars double parking on either side of the road causing obstruction to
    the entry and exit into the close.
  • Residents not having access to their driveways, local refuse services have difficulty gaining access when collecting refuse.
  • Emergency vehicles would not be able to gain access should they need to enter.
  • Cars are driving on pavements to gain access when not being able gain access via the road.
  • Cars entering the close and using it as a turning circle after visiting the shops across the road.

Conditions are becoming rather congested and dangerous.

Please support this petition to request parking restrictions on the street .

ePET056 - High school for Radcliffe

Radcliffe is currently seeing a lot of development. As I wrote this, news was filtering through of an application to build 400 homes on the site of the East Lancashire Paper Mill. There are 40 new homes proposed for the civic hall site.

When I grew up in Radcliffe there were two high schools, now there are none. The town is growing in size but going backwards academically.

Please support my proposal that all funds from the Section 106 arrangements are invested into a new high school for the town. It has been too long since the children were served by one.

ePET055 - Unsafe road surface on Nuttall Lane, Ramsbottom

That Bury Council take the appropriate measures to address and rectify the unsafe road surface on Nuttall Lane, Ramsbottom due to residents' safety concerns for all pedestrians and road users on Nuttall Lane.

ePET054 - Removal of residents virtual permit

That the newly introduced virtual parking permit system be abandoned and returned to a system of paper residential permits or alternatively remove all these parking schemes from residential areas in Bury.

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