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If you would like to rent a council property, you'll need to apply to join our Housing Register.

As part of the online application you'll be given information to check your eligibility to ensure you qualify to join the Housing Register. If you are eligible, you'll be redirected to complete the online Housing Application form.

There are a limited number of council properties that become available each week. As of May 2024, we had 2,490 households on the waiting list, with their average wait time being:

  • 475 days for a 1 bed property
  • 606 days for a 2 bed property
  • 761 days for a 3 bed property
  • 871 days for a 4 bed property
  • 666 days for a 5 bed property.

We do not have any 5 bedroom properties in our housing stock.

If you need a 5 bedroomed property, you can bid on larger 4 bed properties that have a separate downstairs reception room.

You may need to wait a long time for a council property, but you could consider other options such as; housing associations, private renting or buying a property on an affordable housing scheme.

Update your housing application

If you've already joined the Housing Register and are on the housing waiting list, you must tell us if your circumstance change after you've applied.

You should tell us about these types of changes:

  • change of your name or current address
  • to add a joint applicant
  • to remove or add other people to your application
  • inform us of a new medical condition or existing medical condition that is made worse by your current property
  • any other changes.

Renew your housing application

If we've recently contacted you to renew your housing application, you must tell us within 14 days to avoid your application from being cancelled.