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Public Health annual reports are produced by the Director of Public Health and are a statutory requirement.

They are created to inform local people about key public health issues and the health and wellbeing of Bury residents. They also provide necessary information to decision makers in local health services and authorities on health gaps and priorities which should be addressed. Each report has a different theme ranging from children and young people to health protection.

Latest report

Available to download:

Previous reports

We also have copies of previous annual reports available on request. These are:

  • Public Health annual report 2017 - Health and environmental protection
  • Public Health annual report 2015/2016 - Fairness first: Addressing inequalities in Bury
  • Public Health annual report 2013/2014 - Public Health at the heart of our business
  • Public Health annual report 2009

Please contact us is you would like to be sent copies (stating which reports you would like us to send).