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The role of flood action groups

If you live in an area at risk of flooding, one of the best ways your neighbourhood can prepare is to set up a flood action group. These are community groups, led by volunteers that help residents in the flood watch area prepare and cope with incidents of flooding. Flood action groups can have designated flood wardens who monitor local conditions and facilitate two way communication with Bury Council and the Environment Agency. Volunteers support the warning of residents, identification of vulnerable people and ensure property flood protection products (where available) are deployed in an emergency.

Local flood action groups

The Environment Agency are working with our local communities to help them set up flood action groups led by volunteers.

A group in Radcliffe has already been established and contact can be made with the group by e-mail to

Want to find out more about forming a flood action group?

The National Flood Forum provides lots of useful information and advice on how to go about forming a community flood action group.To find out more, see: National Flood Forum - Advice on forming an action group.