New digital skills courses in libraries

Did you know that families who use the internet are over £500 per year better off than families who do not? Knowing how to use digital skills is now an essential factor of modern life.

Working with Bury Adult Learning we will be bringing you free 4 week Digital Skills courses over the next 12 months. You will learn:

  • Basic tablet/smartphone skills
  • To communicate with others using email
  • To buy goods or services
  • To access public services
  • To search for information
  • To share photos with friends and family using email
  • To stay safe and legal online
  • To find out how to do tasks using tutorial videos

Bury Library

  • Monday 13 Jan until Monday 3 Feb from 1pm to 4pm on each of those Mondays
  • Monday 24 Feb until Monday 16 Mar
  • Monday 20 April until Monday 11 May
  • Monday 1 June until Monday 22 June
  • Monday 6 July until Monday 27 July

Prestwich Library

  • Tuesday 14 Jan until Tuesday 4 Feb from 1pm to 4pm on each of those Tuesdays
  • Tuesday 25 Feb until Tuesday 17 Mar
  • Tuesday 21 April until Tuesday 12 May
  • Tuesday 2 June until Tuesday 23 June
  • Tuesday 7 July until Tuesday 28 July

Radcliffe Library

  • Thursday 14th May 2020 to Thursday 4th June from 1pm to 4pm on each of those Thursdays.
  • Thursday 9th July to Thursday 30th July 2020

Phone 0161 253 5772 to book your free place today.