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Challenge your Council Tax band

Council Tax bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency and not by us.

Our Council Tax rates page shows all bands and the Council Tax amount.

If you think your Council Tax band is wrong, you can submit an appeal with the Valuation Office Agency. We recommend reading information about challenging your Council Tax band and gathering evidence before submitting an appeal.

Appeal Council Tax liability

If you believe you aren’t responsible for a Council Tax bill, you can make an appeal. This might be because:

  • you’re not the resident or owner of the property
  • your property is exempt
  • you think we’ve made a mistake calculating your bill.

To make an appeal, you should contact us in writing so that we can assess your case. When writing to us, please give details on:

  • why you believe your Council Tax is being charged at the wrong amount
  • any evidence you have to support your appeal.

Bury Council, Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0SW

After sending your written appeal, you can expect to receive a response from us within two months.

Assessment of appeals

If your appeal is successful, we’ll refund any overpaid Council Tax you’ve made.

You can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal if:

  • your appeal is unsuccessful
  • you’re not satisfied with our decision
  • you have not had a response from us within two months.

While your appeal is being considered, it is important to continue your Council Tax payments.