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A definition of terms around Freedom of Information.

Adverts and announcements

Information that the Council publishes directly in the press or in other public venues.

Advice and guidance

Guidance notes prepared for staff and/or the public on a wide variety of subjects.


Lists of subjects to be considered at Council meetings.

Application forms

Forms submitted to the Council.


Copies of current bylaws and orders made by the Council.


Inventories of collections held by the Council.

Codes of practice

Documented directions that instruct and guide officers and members of the Council how to pursue their duties.

Consultation documents

Information relating to the views of local people on Council services and plans.


Names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Directories and registers

Lists of individuals, businesses, organisations, services and property held by the Council.

Educational and campaign material

Documents that highlight or explain specific issues or problems.

Fees and charges

List of the Council's fees and charges for services for 2002/03 and for succeeding years, as they are published.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

List of most common questions to the Council and their corresponding answers.

Historical records

Previously published information about people, places and events in the Borough.

Job details

Details of all jobs within the Council that are currently vacant together with a job recruitment pack comprising the job advertisement, terms and conditions of employment, job description, person specification, general information for applicants, further particulars about the service in which the post is located and an application form.


Geographical plans of the Borough.


Records of decisions made at Council meetings.

Organisations and structure

Documents showing how services and decision-making bodies are organised.

Performance information

Information about management and planning, targets, performance, and inspections for 2002/03 and for succeeding years, as it is published.

Policies and strategies

The policy framework of the Council, as defined in the Council's Constitution, together with all other policies, plans and strategies as the Council may, from time to time, be required by statute or Government Direction to adopt or which the Council itself decides to adopt and publish.

Press releases and newsletters

News and events information intended for staff and/or the public.

Procedures and working practices

Documented steps that specify how officers and members of the Council should carry out tasks and duties.

Project documents

Information relating to specific projects.

Publicity and promotional material

Information on special events and projects organised by the Council.


Background papers for Council meetings.


Studies of specific subjects.

Rules and regulations

Orders or directions which specify how officers, members of the Council and/or the public should act.

Service guides and plans

Descriptions of Council services and/or information about service delivery objectives.

Statutory documents

Information which the Council has a legal obligation to publish.

Terms of reference

Information about the scope and remit of Council committees.