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Annual electoral register canvass

An annual canvass is the yearly check of who is registered to vote in the Bury borough, known as the electoral register.

We contact all voters in Bury by letter, email or personal visit to check who is eligible to vote. Please carefully read any correspondence we send to you.

Any person living at an address who is eligible but not registered to vote, can do so online, by phone or using the instructions given in the yearly correspondence received.

You may contact us about any queries you have about this.

Visit our register to vote area or the Electoral Commission website for information on registering to vote and voter information.

Annual canvass deadlines

There is no online or electronic means to check if you're registered to vote.

The electoral register is not updated in October or November due to the annual canvass taking place.

We'll publish information about the next annual canvass soon and this will include register to vote deadlines.