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Business rates are charged on non-domestic properties and business related items, including:

  • shops
  • offices
  • pubs
  • warehouses
  • factories
  • phone masts
  • advertising hoardings
  • ATM machines.

Business rates are to be paid by the occupier of the business premises. If the premises is empty, they are payable by the tenant or owner of the property.

If you work from home, rates are normally chargeable if you've structurally altered your property for business purposes.

The collection of business rates contribute toward the cost of services provided by us as a local authority.

Calculating your business rates

Business rates are worked out based on the rateable value of a property and the business rate multiplier set by the government. 

Rateable value

Every non-domestic property has a rateable value set by the Valuation Office Agency. The rateable value is an estimate of the annual rent a property would demand if it was available to rent on the open market on a specific date.

Business rates charged from April 2023 use property values from 1 April 2021. Business rates charged prior to April 2023 use the property values from 1 April 2015.

Prior to April 2023, rates were calculated using property values as of the 1st April 2015. The revaluation in April 2023 meant that some valuations increased and others reduced, which affect the amount of business rates charged.

Business rate multiplier

Business rates bills are calculated by multiplying the property rateable value by a figure set by the government each year. The multiplier figure depends on the value of the property.

The ratepayer pays the multiplier amount for every £1 of rateable value. 

Multipliers for 2024/25
Rateable value Multiplier
£0 to £50,999 49.9 pence per pound
£51,000 and above 54.6 pence per pound

Using the GOV.UK website, you can estimate your business rates bill and check the rateable value of a business property.

Multipliers for previous years
Year Rateable value Multiplier
2023/24 £0 to £50,999 49.9 pence per pound
2023/24 £51,000 and above 51.2 pence per pound
2022/23 £0 to £50,999 49.9 pence per pound
2022/23 £51,000 and above 51.2 pence per pound
2021/22 £0 to £50,999 49.9 pence per pound
2021/22 £51,000 and above 51.2 pence per pound
2020/21 £0 to £50,999 49.9 pence per pound
2020/21 £51,000 and above 51.2 pence per pound
2019/20 £0 to £50,999 49.1 pence per pound
2019/20 £51,000 and above 50.4 pence per pound
2018/19 £0 to £50,999 48 pence per pound
2018/19 £51,000 and above 49.3 pence per pound
2017/18 £0 to £50,999 46.6 pence per pound
2017/18 £51,000 and above 47.9 pence per pound