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Estate management

As well as the land and properties the Council holds for operational purposes, such as schools, housing estates and administration offices, the Council also has a large range of investment land and properties. These are managed by Property and Asset Management and includes letting and management of:

  • Industrial units
  • Shops
  • Agricultural and grazing land
  • Surplus council premises
  • Garage sites and garden land
  • Valuation, acquisition and disposal of land and property
  • Valuation of council houses for sale under the "Right to Buy" scheme
  • Leasehold reform
  • Granting of consents e.g. Assignment of lease to another person

If you have an existing commercial tenancy or lease of Council owned land or property or have received a rent review or lease renewal notice from the Council and require further information please use contact us.

If you require more information on land and premises that we own which is for sale or to let, see:

Owners' responsibilities for empty commercial property

Did you know that we (Bury Council and the Fire Service) can take action if your empty property becomes a problem?

Follow our safety advice on empty business properties

Make sure you:

  • tell your insurer when the property becomes empty
  • fully secure your property
  • board up windows and other openings
  • remove valuable items
  • arrange to have gas and water services disconnected
  • remove all waste to discourage fly-tipping
  • maintain and monitor electric alarm systems
  • prevent noise nuisance by having someone who keeps an alarm key (a key holder) and will go to the property if the alarm goes off
  • tell the police and Bury Council's Environmental Health Service that the property is empty
  • visit the property regularly to check it is safe
  • check that toilets and drains are sealed to prevent rat infestation, and
  • are aware of your responsibilities under the Occupiers Liability Act, particularly if you allow contractors and others to enter your premises.

Preventing danger and nuisance to the public

Reporting problems

To report a problem with a commercial building contact us.

Further advice

For further advice contact Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service,
Phone: 0161 253 6459 or 0161 909 0327.