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Bury Cemetery has different types of graves for burial funerals, as well as rules for placing memorials on a grave space.


Memorials cannot be erected without a permit and a form must be completed for permission to place and maintain a memorial. If a memorial is placed on a grave space without a permit, the memorial may be removed. Memorials are governed by strict regulations and are available from Bury Cemetery Office.

The mounding of a grave is allowed to a height of 300mm. For gardening of graves and kerb sets, the maximum allowed is 7 foot by 3 foot.

Purchased graves

A person who purchases the exclusive rights to a grave space acquires the right of burial in the grave for the period granted, which is usually 99 years.

The buyer is able to apply for a permit to place and maintain a memorial on the grave space, however the ownership and responsibility of the land remains the property of Bury Council.

Non-purchased graves

A non-purchased grave can also be known as a 'public' or 'pauper' grave. Memorials are not permitted on non-purchased graves.

We retain the ownership of the exclusive right of burial in non-purchased graves and it's possible that more than one burial may take place in the grave.

Timber or concrete vaults

On request, graves will be lined with timber or concrete vault to form an inner shell to the grave space. We'll require a notice period for these types of vaults:

  • Timber (wooden) vault: 2 days notice
  • Concrete vault: 1 day notice.

Timber vaults can be supplied, but may not always be possible. It will depend on the time available to arrange this, as well as timber stocks and availability of skilled installation staff.

Earth graves

Earthen graves are provided. For health and safety reasons, our gravediggers must be allowed to remove the shoring, complete the back filling and remove the grass matting.

It may be possible to provide an earthen grave for an out of hours burial, providing sufficient notice is given.

Burial chamber

A burial chamber is a concrete vault sealed with concrete slabs.

Burials are permitted in either a suitable container for burial (a coffin) or the deceased may be wrapped in a shroud. If a shroud is to be used, a suitable container must be provided to transport the deceased to the graveside.

Consideration also needs to be given to how the deceased will be placed into the grave.