Central Access Point

The Central Access Point (CAP) is a single point of access to housing related support. This is for all people who are requiring support to sustain their tenancies or are at risk of homelessness or are already homeless.

Victims of all forms of domestic abuse that require assistance if they are fleeing or have fled abusive relationships can be referred to Safenet directly. This includes victims of forced marriages, honour based violence and FGM

All referrals must be completed by a professional agency, no self referrals will be accepted. However, if there are no professional agencies involved please contact the Homeless Assessment & Support Service (see: Homeless information and advice) who will provide the appropriate advice.

Referrals must be completed fully and any incomplete referrals will not be accepted. You must have consent from the customer before completing and submitting a referral.

Complete a referral to the Central Access Point


Contact for Homeless Assessment & Support Service