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Bury Council is committed to supporting young people make informed decisions regarding post high school pathways. Complimenting the high school curriculum, Backing Young Bury has created an Offer to Schools Menu, consisting of career and work educational activities, which supports young people to ready themselves for adult life and the world of work.

The Offer to Schools Menu has been incentivised, using Greater Manchester City Deal funding, offering schools a virtual £1,000 budget to be spent on selected career and work education activities after hosting an apprenticeship session.

The menu enables Bury high schools to choose from an array of interactive workshops, presentations and events, provided by the following partners:

  • Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network
  • eTrust
  • Salford Foundation
  • O2
  • Bury WBL Partnership
  • Bury Council
  • Positive Steps
  • World Skills UK

Please contact us for more details.