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  1. Cycling

    Find out about cycling in Bury

  2. Report a cycle lane or cycle path issue

    Report an issue with a cycle lane or cycle path.

  3. GM Mayor's Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund

    £160m from the Transforming Cities Fund to make encourage more people to cycle and walk more often in Greater Manchester.

  4. Roads, travel and parking

    Information about roadworks, reporting problems winter gritting parking cycling, public transport etc.

  5. Safe streets save lives

    Tell us your ideas on how streets in Bury could be made safer for walking and cycling.

  6. Goshen Sports Centre

    Tennyson Avenue, Bury BL9 9RG

  7. Public transport

    Where to go for information about journey planning, buses and trains, travel concessions and Metrolink.

  8. You, your bike and the law

    Your guide to dealing with Mini Motos, GoPeds, mechanical scooters, trial bikes and quad bikes.

  9. Report a street furniture issue

    Tell us about faulty or missing street furniture.

  10. Bury Bolton railway path

    Bury has a provisional allocation of £650,000 over three years to complete the Bury Bolton railway path.