Support with money worries

Budgeting, money management and debt advice

See: The Bury Directory - Home, housing and money support In Bury.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Debt advice, including money management and how to deal with priority payments.

You can also get advice about your energy bills at Citizens Advice - Energy supply.

Freephone Advice line: 0808 278 7804 available Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm or 0161 850 5053 (6pm to 9pm 7days a week). Video drop-in: every Wednesday 1pm to 3.30pm. Video drop-in service available at: Citizens Advice Bury and Bolton - Video advice.

Complete self-referral form at Citizens Advice Bury and Bolton - Make a referral.

Pre-booked appointments available at Bury Town Hall.

Water bills

There is assistance available from United Utilities with grants to pay off water debt and debt advice. It may also be able to help with white goods. See: United Utilities Trust Fund.

Household Support Fund

Contact the council 0161 253 5400 to see if you qualify for extra support through the Household Support Fund.

Warm spaces

Find a warm welcome across the borough this winter with a whole range of activities. There's a range of activities including debt and money advice in a warm, safe, inviting, and friendly environment. See: The Bury Directory - Warm spaces Bury.

Bury Community Hubs

Provide a focus in local neighbourhoods to connect residents to opportunities, services and support including public services, voluntary and community networks. Contact your local Community Hub by email: