Support with energy bills

Look out for offers from energy suppliers, for example Octopus giving out electric blankets to vulnerable customers. Some energy suppliers offer extra advice if you are registered on their priority services register - if disabled or using certain medical appliances. Support is available towards electric costs if using oxygen concentrator and water and electric costs if on home dialysis or other medical treatments.

Speak to your energy supplier to see if they can help.

Take a look using energy efficient appliances such as slow cookers, and air fryers. See: U switch - Energy efficient cooking.

Difficulty paying energy bills

Contact your energy supplier first to see if you can get a temporary credit. Many utility suppliers run trust fund grants to help customers in financial difficulty. These can help to clear fuel debts and even pay for household goods and appliances if necessary:

Fuel vouchers

You may qualify for one off fuel vouchers if you are in immediate need. See: Bury Support Fund.

About your bills

Get independent advice:

Groundwork energy works

Energy efficiency advice and assistance: Groundwork.

Leap energy

A free service to help people keep warm and reduce their energy bills without costing them any money. It can help with energy advice and in some cases replacement energy efficient white goods. See how you can save: Apply for LEAP.

Cold weather payments

A payment by the government's Department for Work and Pensions if the average temperature in your area is recorded as, or forecast to be, zero degrees Celsius or below for 7 consecutive days. See if you are eligible at: - Cold weather payment.

Affordable warmth and energy efficiency

Advice available at: Energy efficiency and affordable warmth for your home.

Free home visit from an advisor from the Local Energy Advice Partnership for immediate help and further advice about energy efficiency measures, and grants: LEAP - Local Energy Advice Partnership.

You can also get advice from the Your Home, Better independent service to help reduce the costs of your bills as well as carbon emissions from home energy and heating. Find out more here: Your Home Better.

Warm Home discount scheme

Helps older people with energy costs in the form of a one-off automatic discount from your electricity bill. The scheme will re-open in November - go to - Warm home discount scheme to check if you qualify.

Winter fuel payments

The government provides winter fuel payments each winter to provide help for older people with their heating bills. The payment is usually £200 for each household. Check if you are entitled at - Winter fuel payment.

Warm spaces

Find a warm welcome across the borough this winter with a whole range of activities in a warm, safe, inviting, and friendly environment. Places promise a warm welcome to anyone just managing with the cost-of-living crisis, struggling to heat their home, or unable to pay their energy bills without compromising on other essentials, such as food, rent or hygiene this winter. See: The Bury Directory - Warm spaces Bury.

Citizens Advice Bureau

You can also get advice about your energy bills at Citizens Advice - Energy supply.

Or speak to someone locally - Freephone Advice line: 0808 278 7804 available Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm or 0161 850 5053 (6pm to 9pm 7days a week). Video drop-in: every Wednesday 1pm to 3.30pm. Video drop-in service available at: Citizens Advice Bury and Bolton - Video advice.

Complete self-referral form at Citizens Advice Bury and Bolton - Make a referral.

Pre-booked appointments available at Bury Town Hall.

Household Support Fund

Contact the council 0161 253 5400 to see if you qualify for extra support through the Household Support Fund.