Fly-tipping: Fixed penalty notice

Fly-tipping is illegally dumped rubbish which can lead to a significant fine and imprisonment.

A fixed penalty will only generally be offered where a small quantity of waste is fly-tipped, or waste has since been cleared by the offender. In all other cases we will prosecute.

What to do if you receive a fixed penalty notice

If you receive a Fixed Penalty Notice for fly-tipping, you have 14 days from the date on the notice to pay the fine. You might be prosecuted and have to pay more if you do not pay your penalty on time.


  • If paid within 14 days: £400 (and we can't prosecute you and the fixed penalty won't result in a criminal offence).

Pay a fixed penalty notice

What you need to pay:

  • Your debit or credit card
  • The fixed penalty notice number (The letter E followed by a 5-digit number)
  • The date the fixed penalty notice was issued

Pay a fly-tipping fixed penalty notice

Your questions answered

Can I pay the fine in instalments?

No. You must pay the fine in full.

Can I appeal the fine?

No. There is no appeal process for a fly-tipping fixed penalty notice.

What happens if I refuse to pay the fine?

If you don't pay the fine within 14 days, we will start a prosecution. Conviction in a magistrates' court may result in a £50,000 fine or 12 months in prison. Conviction in a crown court may result in an unlimited fine or up to 5 years in prison.

I want to pay a fixed penalty but I've lost my fixed penalty notice, what do I do?

Please send an email to:

Is there somewhere I can find out more about the legislation for fixed penalties?

Yes at the website.