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The Civic Hub

The Market and Market Chambers

Supporting works

North block

The enterprise centre

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The Civic Hub

The Civic Hub will be the centrepiece for the regeneration of Radcliffe. It will be a modern new building, located on the south block of the existing 1960's town centre precinct. It will contain leisure facilities, library facilities, council services, and community spaces.

The proposals for the Civic Hub will provide much needed benefits to Radcliffe, including:

  • New and improved Council facilities in the heart of the town centre. This will give residents the chance to learn new skills and live healthier lives.
  • Being a major draw to Radcliffe's high street; the Civic hub will help to bring people from across the Borough back to Radcliffe.
  • Being a sustainable and efficient centrepiece for the town.
  • The creation of an "one-stop-shop" that will be accessible and convenient for Radcliffe residents, and where Council departments can work more closely together to provide better services.

The Council is aiming for the Civic Hub to be ready and open to the public in mid-late 2024.

Click on the images below to open large versions of the latest images of the Civic Hub's floor plans.

The right side of the image is close to the Bridge Tavern, the bottom side is opposite to the Radcliffe Market, the left side is adjacent to the Lidl car park, and the upper side is next to Dale Street.

1. Radcliffe Civic Hub - Ground Floor (click to open large version) 2. Radcliffe Civic Hub - First Floor (click to open large version) 3. Radcliffe Civic Hub - Second Floor (click to open large version)

The Market and Market Chambers

The Market chambers building will be refurbished to house flexible commercial office space, as well as a retail, and food and beverage offer. The building will be linked to the adjacent market, with access to a newly refurbished basement space which will provide a community and cultural events suite.

Click on the images below to open large versions of the latest images of the Market, Market Basement, and Market Chambers' floor plan.

The Market Chambers buildings are located at the far right of the image, to the left of this is the site of the former TSB building, to the left of this is the Market and Market Basement.

Basement Plan (click to open large version) Ground Floor Plan (click to open large version) First Floor Plan (click to open large version) Second Floor Plan (click to open large version)

Supporting works

Public realm (click to open large version)

These developments will be supported, and their functions linked more closely together by enhanced public realm. The public realm will be divided into three sections:

  • Bridge Square - Which will act as main walking route around the Civic Hub. The square will be re-laid with high quality local stone and much-loved features including the bandstand, John Atkinson's memorial stone, and the clock tower will be retained, but placed in improved locations.
  • Market Walk - An improved space between the Market and Civic Hub, that the Market will have an opportunity to spill out on.
  • The Link - Linear path between Dale Street and Radcliffe Market, with opportunities for green walls and community arts spaces.

North block

The north block of the existing 1960's precinct will be developed to provide surface level car parking and in the longer-term to contain uses which will be complementary to the civic hub building.

The enterprise centre

The proposals for the Radcliffe Skills and Enterprise Centre will see the development of a publicly accessible space for communities, learning, and enterprise at the site of the existing Carnegie Library building.

The building will remain in Council ownership, it will be open for community uses, and the space will continue to run Council services, but with a newly enhanced focus on adult education, skills, jobs and business support for local start-ups and SME's.

The proposal for the Radcliffe Skills and Enterprise Centre will safeguard this much loved heritage asset. External works will largely focus on improvements to external lighting and security in the car park and internal works will be limited.

A feasibility study is ongoing to help determine the specific uses that will be located within the Radcliffe Skills and Enterprise Centre.

Radcliffe Cabinet Committee

Watch a presentation from the Radcliffe Cabinet Committee, delivered by members of the project team, architects, and other consultants. The presentation explains the plans for the Civic Hub, Market Chambers, Market Basement, and other Supporting Works in detail.

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More information

See: Radcliffe Regeneration Office for the latest opening hours including the extra opening days and times in March. Appointments are available on demand.

See: Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework to learn more about the guide that is shaping the direction of Radcliffe's growth over the next 15 years.

See: Radcliffe regeneration - project management and decision-making for an overview of some of the key stakeholder groups involved in the Radcliffe project.

See: Levelling Up Fund bid - Radcliffe for information about Bury Council's successful bid for £20 million to the Levelling Up Fund.