Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework


The Strategic Regeneration Framework is the guide that is shaping the direction of Radcliffe's growth over the next 15 years with a series of realistic short, medium, and longer-term actions. It is also shaping the direction of future council investment, supporting bids for central governmental funding and providing certainty for third parties wanting to invest in town.

Work has begun on Strategic Regeneration Framework's priority projects, these include:

  • A new civic hub in central Radcliffe, which will bring together a mix of functions at the heart of the town
  • Refurbishment of the market basement and the revamping of market chambers
  • New leisure facilities
  • A secondary school on the Coney Green site
  • A "whole town approach" to housing, bringing forward a comprehensive approach to residential development in Radcliffe
  • A transportation strategy, which will consider matters such as active travel and car parking

    More information

    See: Radcliffe Regeneration Office for the latest opening hours including the extra opening days and times in March. Appointments are available on demand.

    See: Radcliffe regeneration - project management and decision-making for an overview of some of the key stakeholder groups involved in the Radcliffe project.

    See: Levelling Up Fund bid - Radcliffe for information about Bury Council's successful bid for £20 million to the Levelling Up Fund.