Report a road safety issue

We are responsible for introducing and maintaining physical road safety measures, and for making traffic orders (regulations like speed limits).

Use this form to report any issues with:

  • speeding vehicles;
  • dangerous driving that is causing collisions;
  • damage to existing road features, for example, road humps and speed cushions.      

Please answer all the questions in our online form as clearly and accurately as you can to help us deal with the issue you are reporting.  

Report a road safety issue

Report a road or pavement emergency

If the issue is any of the following (and an immediate threat to safety) phone us straight away.

Example emergency issues are:

  • collapsed road surface
  • missing ironworks, for example manholes and gully grills
  • damaged pedestrian guardrails likely to cause injury.

During office hours 8.45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday phone: 0161 253 5353.
Out-of-office hours phone: 0161 253 6606.