Neighbourhood Pitch application

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our borough. It has created many challenges and affected all our lives but it has also seen our residents and communities look after each and come together to protect our most vulnerable.

Our Let's Do It! Strategy is about building on those strengths to make sure every neighbourhood in the borough can be better and stronger than before the pandemic. This means looking carefully at the differences in our communities in terms of health, education, jobs and housing, then working together to create better conditions for everyone.  

The vision in Let's Do It sets out our ambition to be a place that is achieving faster economic growth than the rest of the country through making long lasting changes to the things that hold us back, like poverty and unhealthy lifestyles. Our progress will be measured against seven outcomes:

  1. Improved quality of life in terms of length of life and good health
  2. Improved support to children so that they are better prepared for school
  3. More young people getting the qualifications they need for the future
  4. Better support to adults who want to retrain and find new jobs
  5. Higher wage rates and business growth that benefits everyone
  6. Improvements to our environment by being carbon neutral by 2038
  7. Better access to digital services through how we connect to broadband and mobile networks, or through improving our skills to use digital products

This application form invites community groups to think about how they can contribute to these outcomes within the places they live and work and with the communities who they represent. The form will take you through how to demonstrate working towards these outcomes through our LET'S principles. So... Let's Do It!

Who can apply?

Applications are welcomed from any community group, local network or voluntary organisations based in or working with communities in the borough of Bury.

In keeping with the Let's Do It principles, collaborative bids bringing community organisations and networks together are also strongly encouraged. Bury Voluntary and Community Faith Alliance can assist with this - please contact for support with this.

How much can be applied for?

Each project can apply for up-to £5,000 in the Pitch.

What cannot be funded?

  • Individuals (applicants must be part of a local community group or voluntary organisation)
  • Organisations trading for profit or intending to redistribute grant awards
  • Academic or Medical Research & Equipment
  • If the primary purpose of the request is to promote religious or political beliefs (however Faith Groups can apply)
  • Retrospective grants (i.e., projects / activities that have already taken place or have already been paid for)

Please note that you can only apply for funding in one neighbourhood.

What is the application process?

  1. The application form below must be completed in full
  2. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility
  3. Eligible bids will then be promoted through a digital and in person Pitch events:
    • Projects will be showcased on the One Community Platform and the public encouraged to vote online
    • In person voting will take place through a Neighbourhood Pitch Market Place events. These will take place across the borough in early December 2021 with projects having a 'stall' to promote themselves and their project, with the public encouraged to attend and vote on the projects
  4. Voting from each Pitch will be supplemented by scoring from the Ward Councillors in each Neighbourhood
  5. Successful applicants will then be contacted, and funding distributed accordingly.

The schedule for the Fund is as follows:

  • 19 October 2021: Application submission will open
  • Midday on Monday 22 November 2021: Deadline for applications
  • Week commencing 22 November 2021: Review of applications for eligibility
  • 29 November 2021: Online Pitch voting opens
  • Early December 2021: Neighbourhood Pitch events take place
  • Mid December 2021: Successful applicants confirmed and funding awarded.

Please note: Any successful application will be expected to participate in an evaluation of what has been achieved through their project at the end of the funding period, alongside quarterly reporting on expenditure and activity.

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