Skills for Independent Living and Learning - course guide for Autumn 2021

It all starts with skills - it's all about you!

Our courses are designed to give learning opportunities to people with additional learning needs, such as learning disabilities and/or difficulties, sensory impairment and mental health conditions.

We offer enriched, motivating and safe learning environments where learners thrive and develop skills for independence and active participation within the community.

All under the guidance of tutors and support staff, class numbers are kept small.

We would be very pleased to invite you to talk about the provision we offer. Call 0161 253 5772 to book an initial assessment with Nikki Naylor.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Bury Adult Learning Service aims to offer a choice of learning opportunities to all members of the community and to encourage people regardless of age, religion, disability, ethnic or national origins, marital status, caring status, gender and sexual orientation to take part in learning. Institutions are required by law to promote equality of opportunity between these groups. The Service has responsibilities to ensure the safety of children, young people and those adults deemed 'at risk'.

We are committed to celebrating diversity and to ensuring equality of opportunity for everyone. We promote good relations between different groups of people, including people from different racial groups.

Equality and Diversity information is displayed in all classrooms and published in the learner handbook. Bury Adult Learning Service is a partner of the Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership and provides regular training on Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Prevent.

Additional Learning Support

We want you to enjoy your time at Bury Adult Learning Service and to be successful in whatever course you have decided to study. If you need special help or assistance, advice will be available from the learning support office. If you have a learning support need, please indicate this at enrolment.

The Learning Support Team is specially trained to provide a quality service for learners with additional learning needs. These learners can get:

  • Support in Skills for Life
  • An initial assessment - to identify personal and challenging goals
  • Special exam arrangements
  • Support in some classes if needed
  • Study skills support
  • Advice to tutors on how best to support you
  • Monitoring and reviewing of your progress
  • Special equipment and/or materials made easier to use

Contact for Adult Learning