Garside Hey Road Active Travel scheme

In August 2021, in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester, we asked the local community for feedback and comments about the Low Traffic Neighbourhood that had been introduced in the Garside Hey area. The aim of the scheme was to make the area more attractive for people to walk and cycle around by reducing traffic volumes and speeds.

We installed the following measures.

  • Wooden planters on Coleen Crescent, Toon Crescent, Birks Drive and Holme Avenue, which act as modal filters to restrict through-traffic
  • Benches and tables on the grass verges
  • Signage
  • Zebra crossing on Garside Hey Road

We also undertook speed and traffic counts before and after the scheme was installed. This allowed us to assess and understand how effective the scheme has been. This data was included in the consultation.

Over 290 people viewed the consultation documents and over 127 people provided feedback. Many thanks to all those who took time to look at the consultation information and provide feedback.

Results of the consultation 

We asked the following questions to find out whether the scheme had delivered against its objectives.

  1. Has the scheme encouraged you to walk and, or cycle more? No 62%, Yes 15%, No change 22%.
  2. Have traffic speeds changed? No 67%, Yes 33%

We asked the following questions to find out whether the scheme should be retained in its current format.

  1. Do you support the modal filters? No 79%, Yes 21%
  2. Do you support the zebra crossing? No 62%, Yes 38%
  3. Should the benches and tables remain? No 50%, Yes 50%

Results of the speed and traffic count

Before and after the scheme was put in place, we installed automatic speed records and traffic counters at six locations throughout the area.

The results indicated there was no significant reductions in traffic, volumes or speeds.

Result outcomes

The results provided a clear indication that a majority of residents of the Garside Hey area did not support the Low Traffic Neighbourhood in its current format and wish to see the removal of the following measures.

  1. The modal filters (road closures).
  2. The zebra crossing on Garside Hey Road.

There was no clear majority regarding the removal of the benches and tables.

What happens next

As a result of the feedback received, we intend to remove the modal filters (road closures) and the Garside Hey Road zebra crossing as soon as possible but no later than October 2021.

The benches and tables will remain in place.

We recognise that some residents will still be concerned about the volume of traffic and speeding vehicles in the area. We will continue to work with local councillors to obtain suitable funding to put alternative measures in place to achieve residents' aspirations.