Fishpool and Pimhole Active Travel scheme

We are working with Transport for Greater Manchester to improve access to and through the Fishpool and Pimhole areas.

We want to encourage more active and environmentally friendly travel for short journeys and to make Fishpool and Pimhole safer and better places for families to live.

What is happening?

Between 11 January and 8 February 2022, we want the local community to put forward their views on the proposed designs to improve access within the Fishpool and Pimhole neighbourhoods.

To have your say, please visit Active Travel designs feedback survey to view the proposals and take part in our online survey.

How can I find out more?

We'll be hosting an online event on TeamsLive on Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 6pm where you can hear more about the design and submit questions for our team to answer.

This webpage will be updated with details on the day of how you can join the meeting.

We'll be posting a recording of the session so that you can listen in afterwards if you are unable to join live.

Why you should have your say

Between 26 July and 23 August 2021, we asked the local community to put forward their views to help with the design of access improvements to the Fishpool and Pimhole neighbourhoods.

As part of the consultation process, the local community were able to provide feedback on Fishpool and Pimhole's current walking, cycling and street scene challenges through an online interactive survey, and discuss where and how improvements could be made.

All comments received from the consultation were thoroughly analysed and considered and preliminary designs were drafted according to community feedback.

We are now providing the local community with the chance to comment on the designs proposed to create a more active travelling environment.

By taking part in our survey you'll be able to give feedback on the preliminary designs developed to improve access in and throughout Fishpool and Pimhole.

These proposals aim to:

  • improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to local facilities
  • produce attractive and high-quality public spaces for people to enjoy
  • stop rat running and improve safety, prioritising people over traffic
  • reduce congestion and improve local air quality
  • enable and encourage more active and environmentally friendly forms of travel that support good health and wellbeing

They will also complement improvements already being developed by Bury Council, including through the GM Mayor's Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund.

Your questions answered

What benefits are there to making it easier to walk and cycle?

Improving provision for pedestrians and people on bikes has significant benefits for local people, including:

  • providing public spaces that are safer, more attractive, better connected and easier to navigate
  • reducing traffic congestion and improving local air quality
  • enabling people to be more active which can have significant health benefits

What type of changes can I expect to see in the design proposals?

The types of changes you may see in the design proposals might include improving existing infrastructure or solving identified problems by including new walking and cycling routes, filter points, traffic calming chicanes, new and improved crossing points, junctions and one-way systems. See: Crossings and junction types explained for more details.

Have another question for us?

If you would like the proposals in an alternative format, or have any questions drop us an email at or call our freephone number on 0800 652 8646 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). If you want to call outside these hours, you can leave a message and we'll call you back.