Missed bin collections

Thank you for your patience while we introduced our new collection rounds. We have been monitoring the rounds daily and our analysis shows that most of the new routes are running well. There are a few which we are reviewing that may need minor adjustments but we have made some changes to keep missed collections to a minimum.  

Please be aware that currently there is a local and national shortage of HGV drivers and agency cover.  This is impacting our ability to keep all collections on track when our staff are not in work or on holiday.  Where we can, we are moving drivers off other work to help, but this isn't always possible.

Thank you for your continued patience as we strive to provide you with a quality service at this difficult time. 

Please follow the relevant advice below if your bin collection is missed.

What should I do if my bin wasn't emptied because it contained the wrong items?

Please return your bin to your property, remove the items that shouldn't be in your bin and put it out for emptying on your next scheduled collection day.  Check about your bins for more information about what we do and don't want in your bins.    

What should I do if all the bins in my street have been missed on collection day?   

If all the bins in your street haven't been emptied, please leave your bin out so that we can empty it as soon as we can. We will come back the next day or as soon as possible afterwards. Please also check if there is specific advice for the collections missed in your street.        

If you sign-up for our bin alerts we can: 

  • send you email reminders for all your scheduled collections
  • update you on when we plan to empty your bin if your collection is delayed or missed

What should I do if only my bin was missed on collection day?  

If your bin isn't full and you can manage until it is next due a collection, please return your bin to your property, and put it out by 7am on the next scheduled collection day. Follow this advice if your bin is full.

Missed bin collections must be reported by 1pm the day after your collection was due.  You should only report a missed collection if:

  • your bin was out by 7am on the right day
  • your bin was out in the right place
  • your bin lid was fully closed
  • your bin only has the correct items in it

For missed blue, green and grey bin collections we will post official bags to you for use until your next scheduled collection (for assisted collections only we will return within 5 working days - please make sure we can gain access to your bins at the agreed collection point).

For missed brown bin collections we will return within 5 working days. 

What should I do if I have extra household waste?