Regenerating Bury Market

The Bury Market Flexi Hall

Bury Council have been successful in a £20 million bid to the Levelling Up Fund to support the development of a new flexible use market hall, significant refurbishment of Bury Market, and enhanced public realm and linkages from the market to the rest of the town centre.

View towards Angouleme Way - The proposed Flexi Hall is on the right of the image, and the revamped market stalls are partly visible on the left


The world famous and award winning Bury Market was voted Britain's favourite market in 2019. It plays a vital role to the Bury's local economy, providing jobs to hundreds of individuals, bringing in large amounts money to the town, and supporting a loyal customer base - with the market being particularly well-used by people living in deprived neighbourhoods, and elderly pensioners living alone.

Despite the market's current success, a number of issues threaten its long-term future, including the dominance of international and corporate retailers, the rise of online shopping, outdated infrastructure in need of repair, and a narrowing base of traders and customers.

The market's buildings are in desperate need of investment, with the last refurbishment undertaken in 1999. Since these works, the dynamics of the town centre have changed, and the market now needs to improve its links into the interchange and The Rock shopping centre.

Within Bury, the market is tucked away between the Millgate shopping centre and a dual carriageway which leaves the area feeling hard to locate, especially for visitors arriving at the tram terminus.

Given the fabric and condition of the buildings, there is a need for immediate public sector investment to sustain this crucial community asset, or risk the town lacking its focal attraction in a post Covid-19 world.

The information provided to Government in the bid is viewable below. Some information, including that of a commercially sensitive or personal nature has been removed or redacted.


Market Flexi Hall

The flexi hall will comprise a large, state-of-the-art, carbon neutral, multifunctional events space that can support market stalls, 'pop-up' trading, live performance, and community events. The development will also include a café bar, an area dedicated to office functions, and space dedicated to the provision of workshops, co-worker space or small business start-ups.

The flexi hall will be used to complement the market's offer and expand the diversity of groups who use the market, without losing or alienating existing customers. As such, the Flexi Hall will be used to support:

  • Wellbeing programmes - especially targeted at older people and the key groups already using the market. These will support independent living, healthy eating, and living well.
  • Enterprise programmes - focusing on digital skills and businesses, linked to students and graduates of Bury College.
  • Pop-up trading, the flexi hall can provide much needed space to support food and drink festivals and seasonal events such as Christmas markets.
  • Cultural performance and events space

Market improvement works

Improvement works will incorporate refurbished market kiosks, improved access and servicing, and a new oversailing canopy which will cover the existing market and be highly visible from Angouleme Way, giving visitors a positive view of the space.

There will also be works to address repair and maintenance issues, as well as measures to improve the environmental performance of the market through enhanced recycling infrastructure, energy efficiency improvements and the decarbonisation of existing structures. Furthermore, all new-build elements of the design will be carbon neutral.

Public realm and linkages

The public realm surrounding the market will be enhanced to support active travel and establish better linkages between the market and adjacent infrastructure, including Bury Interchange, Bury College, and the wider town centre. The entrances to the Market will become more clearly defined and much more welcoming, with new wayfinding signs to help visitors navigate the market and improve its physical environment.

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