Regenerating Bury Market - Your questions answered

Why were the Bury Market Flexi Hall proposals chosen as Bury's Levelling Up Fund bid?

The Levelling Up Fund prospectus articulated that the number of eligible bids for a Local Authority is determined by the number of MPs in a Local Authority Area. The Bury Market Flexi Hall proposals were chosen to be the bid for Bury North because the project is further advanced than any other in the constituency, and the proposals will create economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits to the market and the communities that it supports.

Where can I find out more information on the Levelling Up Fund?

See the council's Levelling Up Fund page for more information.

What is the estimated cost of the Bury Market Flexi Hall proposals?

An early-stage cost plan has informed a high-level budget of £20m. This figure will be liable to change as the project progresses, and greater clarity is available on specific elements of the proposals.

How will it be ensured that the Flexi Hall proposals maintain the Market's existing customer base, whilst bringing in new customers?

Bury Market is widely regarded as a successful example of how a market should be and what makes a market a special place. As such, it has won a succession of national awards. It is very large and diverse, with most retail sectors represented. It more than fulfils all the criteria for successful traditional retail markets, offering comparable goods to supermarkets but with a wider range and at affordable prices.

The Market is popular as a tourist destination, but also plays an important but perhaps less-well acknowledged role in serving local low-income communities, being particularly well-used by people living in deprived neighbourhoods, and elderly pensioners living alone.

The Market, however, suffers from a number of issues that threaten its long-term future including the dominance of international and corporate retailers, the rise of online shopping, outdated infrastructure in need of repair, and an aging population of traders and customers.

There is, therefore, a need to keep the Market's existing base, and to provide opportunities for its expansion.

The Market Flexi Hall is designed to provide additional support to existing Market users, through the provision of a number of wellbeing programmes, and to broaden the Market's base, offering enterprise programmes, pop-up and seasonal markets, and events space.

How will the Council engage with stakeholders as the Bury Market Flexi Hall project progresses?

The need for regular communication and engagement between project team members and wider project stakeholders is critical, to ensure that the approved project brief and design is being delivered, and is to the same agreed time, cost, and quality.

As part of the Levelling Up Fund bid, Bury Council have created a stakeholder communications engagement strategy. This identifies key project stakeholders and outlines bespoke, proactive measures for engagement. The strategy is a living document and will serve as a guide throughout the life of the project and will be updated and adapted as communication needs evolve and change.

Engagement in late 2021 / early 2022

Collaborative design work on the Flexi Hall proposals will take place in late 2021 / early 2022. These sessions will help shape how the proposals look and operate. Further information on the proposals will be provided in due course.

How do the plans for Bury Market's regeneration link to the Bury Town Centre masterplan?

The Bury Town Centre Masterplan will help to support Bury's economic recovery from Covid-19 in the short term and provide the foundations for Bury town centre to maintain its vibrancy and its status as one of the strongest centres in Greater Manchester for years to come.

The masterplan will firm up proposals and end uses for some of the key sites in and around the town centre to enable their delivery in the short to medium term.

The masterplan will also have an important role to play in promoting the town centre in general and in attracting development and inward investment by highlighting the major opportunities that exist. At the same time, it will be an important tool in demonstrating that the Council has a cohesive and up-to-date strategy in place to support bids for external funding.

The Market Flexi Hall project is acting as a first phase of town centre redevelopment. Its construction will help add momentum to the Bury Town Centre Masterplan and bring confidence in the Council's ability to deliver major capital projects.

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