Testing for people without coronavirus symptoms

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Tests for everyone without symptoms

Anyone without coronavirus symptoms can now access free rapid coronavirus testing twice a week as part of a national universal testing offer.

Rapid testing is for people that don't have coronavirus symptoms. The test helps to pick up cases that might otherwise not have been discovered. With this knowledge we can break the chain of transmission, helping us to protect people around us and safely getting back to a more normal way of life.

The rapid test, known as a lateral flow test, takes approximately five minutes to complete with a home testing kit and the results are available in around 30 minutes.

Home testing via self-test kit

Take the test yourself at home by following the instructions included within the self-test kit. You can get self-test kits in a number of ways:

  1. By collection from a participating pharmacy
  2. By collection from a local test centre
  3. By ordering a test to be delivered to your home

Collection from a participating community pharmacy

Go to Test and Trace - NHS coronavirus home testing kits - pharmacies to enter a town, city or postcode in England to check for the nearest participating pharmacy near you. Results can be viewed on a map or in list form. 

Collection from a test site

Go to NHS Bury CCG - Simply book to book a collection time at the Mosses Centre on Cecil Street in Bury.

Ordering a test to be delivered to your home

Go to Gov.uk - Coronavirus: order covid-19 rapid lateral flow tests to order rapid lateral flow home test kits.

Registering your results

If you do testing at home you will need to register your results online or by phoning 119 within 24 hours of taking the test. All the information you need will be included in the self-test kit.

Anyone who has a positive rapid test result should self-isolate and will be required to take a follow-up PCR test within two days to confirm the result, even if they don't have symptoms. This is also important to help track any variants of concern. See also: Testing for people with coronavirus symptoms.

Even if you have a negative result, it is still vital to continue to follow the guidance around hands, face, space and air, to avoid catching coronavirus.

Let's do it for each other - Let's do it for Bury

Go to YouTube - Bury Council - COVID-19 self-testing kit to watch our video about self-testing at home if you don't have symptoms

Free rapid tests for schools and colleges

You should get a free rapid test to use at home if:

  • You are a student at a school or college, or if you are a family or household member, including childcare and support bubbles
  • You work in a school, college, or early years location such as a nursery

Many schools and colleges in Bury are providing free rapid tests on-site for their students.

Alternatively students and staff should be taking a twice weekly test at home.

More guidance

Gov.uk - Coronavirus: rapid testing households of school pupils and staff

Coronavirus testing support for businesses

Many employers are offering testing in the workplace. This includes testing sites where you can take a supervised test, and 'workplace collect' where you can pick up a box of tests to use at home. If your employer offers workplace testing, this is still the best route for you to access rapid tests, if not, you can still access regular rapid testing via the universal testing options described above.