Welcome pack

Thank you for signing up as a COVID-19 Community Champion. Together we can help to make sure that everyone in Bury has the information they need to stay safe and healthy. We know this is a tough time for our communities, which is why it is vital that we get the information and support out to where it is needed most. As a COVID-19 Community Champion, you will play a key role by sharing reliable and up-to-date COVID-19 information with as many people in your network as you can.

How does it work?

Bury Public Health will keep you informed of the latest advice and guidance, invite you to exclusive Champion webinars and Q&A sessions, and will answer any questions you or community have directly. This will help your family, friends and other community members make sense of all the information available on COVID-19 - and to know what to trust.

Your role and responsibility

Your role as a Champion is to distribute the information given to you by the Public Health team among your community or groups. You can do this however you like, as long as it's safe and in keeping with government advice and laws. Whether that's posting updates on your Twitter feed, sharing guidance with your local neighbourhood WhatsApp group, putting posters up in your local shops or on noticeboards, or offering kind words of reassurance to a friend, relative or neighbour - all of it will help Bury residents to make informed choices and to follow the correct advice and regulations. In this way, we can also combat the misinformation which is having a negative impact on many communities across the city. You must bear in mind, however, that being a COVID-19 Community Champion is not an enforcement or regulatory role.

How to contact us

Now you are signed up, you can ask questions of Public Health team questions and let us know what is and isn't working within your community. Simply get in touch by emailing: covid19.communitychampions@bury.gov.uk.


The COVID-19 Community Champion will receive exclusive weekly emails and texts which will enable them to keep up to date with national and local guidance.

Please contact the covid19.communitychampions@bury.gov.uk if you have questions, would like other versions or have any ideas of information that would be useful.

Next steps

  1. Take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the latest guidance at Gov.uk - Coronavirus (COVID‑19)
  2. Tell your friends and family you are a covid-19 community champion
  3. Join our exclusive webinars with topic experts. The details for these will be included in the email updates we send you


Safeguard yourself and others.

Don't put yourself in situations that might compromise anyone, especially young people or vulnerable adults. If you have concerns about any adult with care and support needs, you can report it covid19.communitychampions@bury.gov.uk.

Being careful with information

Don't take any personal information from anyone who has not consented. You must also keep data and information safe.


As we have said, the role of a COVID-19 Community Champion is to distribute guidance, not to enforce it.

However, if you are concerned that a business or venue is not following COVID-19 guidance, you can get in touch with us covid19.communitychampions@bury.gov.uk.

If you feel there is a significant issue or serious breach of the restrictions (for example, people meeting in large groups), you can let us know here covid19.communitychampions@bury.gov.uk.

Contact for Covid-19 Community Champions