Bury Stars

Light and Hope 2020

As part of a season of activity focusing on Light and Hope we are launching Bury Stars.

Let's ... Create a star for someone special 

If you live, work or study in Bury we want you to create a star for someone special and put it on display. Let's spread some kindness and thankfulness this festive season by recognising the people who have lit-up our year, been a star in supporting our community, or simply to acknowledge how important those close to us are. 

Let's ... Thank neighbours, volunteers, key workers, friends and family...

Step 1: Create your star(s)

  • Design your own star(s) or decorate our template.
  • Add the name of the special person or group you want to recognise

Step 2: Display your star(s)

  • Put your star(s) in your window to show off your creativity and spread your kindness.

Step 3: Share your star(s)

  • Post your star(s) on Twitter or Facebook tagged with #BuryStars
  • Follow @BuryCulture - your display might be one of the ones we share!*

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*To help spread people's thankfulness, each day in December one random star(s) display will shared by @BuryCulture