Road surface dressing works

One of the ways we maintain our roads is by surface dressing. This treatment seals the surface of the road to prevent water damage, improves surface texture and prolongs the life of the road. It is a quick, efficient and cost effective method of road maintenance, usually undertaken between April and August.

Notification of surface dressing works

When we plan to carry out surface dressing works we will put up notices along the road to let residents when we expect to start work.

When work is due to start vehicles should not be parked on the road or footway.

When the work gets underway traffic control measures will be in place to ensure everyone's safety.

2021 road surface dressing works

  • Cotswold Crescent estate in Bury        
    • Chiltern Drive  
    • Cotswold Crescent (part of length)    
    • Mendip Crescent
    • Moreton Drive    
    • Portinscale Close
    • Cheviot Close    
    • Pennine Close    
  • Devon Drive to Sumner Avenue in Bury
    • Devon Drive (Bradley Fold Road to end)
    • Newquay Avenue
    • Thurlestone Avenue
    • Salcombe Avenue
    • Kingsbridge Avenue
    • Churchill Avenue
    • Thompson Avenue
    • Edgeworth Avenue
    • Moorside Avenue
    • Sumner Avenue    
  • Broomfield Close estate in Bury
    • Broomfield Close (Bradley Fold Road to end)
    • Rosebank Close
    • Bankfield Close
    • Barnsdale Close
  • Seddons Farm estate
    • Hurst Green Close (Watling Street to end)
    • Seddons Avenue (Watling Street to end)
    • Freckleton Drive (Watling Street to Watling Street)
    • Preesall Close (Watling Street to end)
    • Garstang Drive (Watling Street to Watling Street)
    • Chorley Close (Garstang Drive to end)
    • Clayton Close (Garstang Drive to end)
    • Galgate Close (Garstang Drive to end)
    • Warton Close (Garstang Drive to end)
    • Mile Lane (Watling Street to Bolton Road)
    • Standring Avenue (Full length)
    • Longridge Drive (Watling Street to Mile Lane)
    • Ormskirk Close (Longridge Drive to end)
    • St Michael's Close (Mile Lane to end)
    • Eccleston Close (Mile Lane to end)
    • Hambleton Close (Mile Lane to end)
    • Winnmarleigh Close (Mile Lane to end)
    • Blackrod Drive (Watling Street to Abbey Drive)
    • Bispham Close (Blackrod Drive to end)
    • Fulwood Close (Blackrod Drive to end)
    • Tarleton Close (Blackrod Drive to end)
    • Ribbleton Close (Blackrod Drive to end)
    • Anderton Close (Blackrod Drive to end)
    • Heapy Close (Blackrod Drive to end)
    • Abbey Drive (Greenhill Road to end)
    • Rivington Drive (Abbey Drive to end)
    • Adlington Close (Rivington Drive to end)
    • Greenhill Road (Mile Lane to Ainsworth Road)
    • Euxton Close (Greenhill Road to end)
    • Wheelton Close (Euxton Close to end)
    • Withnell Drive (Belmont Drive to Euxton Close)
    • Belmont Drive (Greenhill Road to Newington Drive)
    • Fieldhead Avenue (Greenhill Road to Greenhill Road)
    • Chantlers Avenue (Greenhill Road to Ainsworth Road)
    • Westbury Close (Chantlers Avenue to Greenhill Road)
    • Greenfield Close (Greenhill Road to end)
    • Minden Close (Greenhill Road to end)
    • Newington Drive (Mile Lane to Greenhill Road)
    • Eagley Drive (Harwood Drive to Newington Drive)
    • Lyons Drive (Newington Drive to end)
    • Edgeworth Drive (Newington Drive to end)
    • Harwood Drive (Newington Drive to end)
    • Ewood Drive (Newington Drive to Turton Close)
    • Turton Close (Ewood Drive to end)
    • Colville Drive (Newington Drive to Bolton Road)
    • Kenmor Avenue (Colville Drive to end)
  • Bury West/Radcliffe
    • Bradley Fold Road (Church Street to Radcliffe Moor Road)
  • Moss Shaw Way estate in Radcliffe
    • Salisbury Road
    • Moss Shaw Way
    • Freshfields
    • Haven Close
    • Lichfield Road
    • Lichfield Close
    • The Crescent
    • Winchester Road
    • Moss Close
    • Chatsworth Road
    • Brynhall Close
    • Edgemoor Close
    • Mandon Close
    • The Meadows
    • Winston Close
    • Carrslea Close
    • Arran Grove
    • Northlands
    • Wardle Close
    • Eastfields
    • Moor Close
    • Forth Road    

The process

The surface dressing process is very weather dependent. The treatment cannot be applied to wet or cold roads or during high air humidity levels or very high road temperatures.

The step-by-step process is as follows:

  1. The road is swept and cleared in preparation.
  2. Bitumen is spread across the full width of the road.
  3. Chippings are spread on the road - these are embedded using a roller (the movement of traffic also helps the material to embed).
  4. Following completion of the work there will be some stone loss - this will be removed by a suction sweeper in stages with the first sweep normally taking place within 24 to 48 hours after the work.
  5. After the surface has been laid, traffic signs will be left in place advising of the risk of loose chippings and showing an advisory speed limit.
  6. When the chippings are embedded and no longer loose, any temporary signage will be removed from site.
  7. Depending on traffic levels, further sweeping may be necessary if there is continued stone loss - it can take up to six months for the road to reach its finished state.

What to expect

Surface dressing works will usually be carried out between 8am and 6pm and on-street parking will not be permitted during these times.

The material will remain wet for between 15 and 40 minutes after it has been laid, depending on the temperature and humidity. Please do not drive or walk over roads sprayed with bitumen emulsion until the surface chippings have been spread.

Vehicular access to properties will be possible for most of the time, but you may experience delays while the work is either in progress or immediately after the material has been laid.

Drivers should take extra care and travel slowly when travelling on a road with a new surface dressing.

Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained throughout the works.

Our workforce will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

For a short time, particularly if the weather is warm, there may be small areas of bitumen that are still soft. If you have to walk on the new surface please take care and check your shoes before entering your house or getting into your car. Pets should also be checked in case any bitumen has stuck to them.

Want to find out more about surface dressing?

Watch the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) video - YouTube - Getting a grip on surface dressing.

This video covers:

  • The surface dressing process
  • The benefits of road surface dressing
  • The aftercare process following surface dressing
  • The RSTA Road Surface Treatment Code of Practice
  • Using the road safely after surface dressing

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