Coronavirus: Important information about outdoor play facilities in parks

In line with the latest Government guidance, play areas are permitted to stay open.  We will be inspecting all equipment regularly and surfaces will be sprayed weekly.  All users should follow this advice. 

Advice to users of play facilities in parks 

Allowing your children to use play facilities in parks in the Borough of Bury is done so at your own risk. 

Parents and guardians should be aware that wearing a face covering in a play area could pose an additional safety risk.  You should use your judgement as to whether or not your children use one.   

Please also follow this advice to help protect you and others from coronavirus.

  • All children, parents and guardians should observe social distancing and keep 2 metres apart.   
  • Only one family member should accompany a child
  • Limit time spent on each piece of equipment to reduce close contact with others and allow access for other users. 
  • Clean hands often - bring sanitiser and/or hand wipes to clean your own and your children's hands and do not touch faces.
  • Use sanitiser gel or hand wipes to clean touch points such as handles.
  • Use a tissue or arm if you or your children need to cough or sneeze
  • Adults should remind children not to put their mouths on equipment or their hands in their mouths.
  • Do not consume food or drink within outdoor play facilities
  • Use the litter bins provided to dispose of any litter or protective wear (such as face coverings) or take home with you. 
  • Users of outdoor gyms should bring their own towel and hygiene products and wipe down equipment after use (please note outdoor gyms are currently closed in line with current government guidance).