Care home support

Infection Control Fund for adult social care

The government has created an Infection Control Fund for adult social care to support providers in England. The fund has been provided to reduce the rate of transmission in and between care homes and to support workforce resilience. 

Local authorities, including Bury Council, are taking three broad approaches to supporting providers:

  1. Unconditional payments (e.g. increased fee rates, one-off or regular payments, commitments to cover excess costs, paying providers on an agreed level of usage).
  2. Other additional funding (in return for a service or to be reclaimed later following the pandemic, e.g. payment in advance, block contracts, emergency funding).
  3. Non-financial benefits (e.g. use of council staff, provision of PPE).

Bury Council support to providers we have contracts with

As of 29 May 2020 financial support is as follows:

  • Support offered to domiciliary care providers = £61,778
  • Support offered to residential care providers = £1,077,776
  • Support offered to other adult social care providers  = £128,932
  • Total support = £1,268,486

For more detailed information about support actions for care homes:

Background information

Read the letter from Department of Health and Social Care about the Infection Control Fund for adult social care.