Safe streets save lives

We want to hear your ideas on how streets in Bury could be made safer for walking and cycling.

About the Safe Streets Save Lives campaign

Walking and cycling rates have increased dramatically during the coronavirus lockdown - and now we want to support people to keep it that way.

Ideas that could help to make it safer include the following.

  • Making pavements wider, to allow pedestrians the space to pass safely.
  • Adding extra cycle lanes and more space for cyclists.
  • Removing through traffic and preventing 'rat runs'.
  • Removing items like pedestrian guard rails so people do not become crammed close together.
  • Identifying areas where cars parked on pavements are causing problems for pedestrians.
  • 20 mph speed limits in residential areas.

Making it safer and easier to walk and cycle will help our communities recover and get moving again. It's also important because:

  • more space on pavements, outside shops and offices will allow us all to keep social distance;
  • public transport capacity will be severely restricted for the foreseeable future;
  • if people drive instead our streets and roads will become gridlocked and air quality will worsen; and
  • cycling and walking is good for our general physical and mental health too.

How to get involved

It's really easy to get involved! Walk Ride Greater Manchester have come up with a brilliant interactive map - just drop a pin and leave a comment about how that location might be improved for people walking and cycling.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and views. Your comments will help us to shape our plans.

Closing date for comments: 12 June 2020.