Testing for coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tests for coronavirus can be requested at a local drive-through test site in the Borough of Bury or at a regional testing unit.  

Drive-through coronavirus testing in Bury 

People aged over 5 years can be tested for coronavirus at the drive-through testing centre in Bury.   You can request a test if:  

  • you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • you do not have symptoms but need to provide a negative test to a care setting or employer (eg, if you have been asked to provide a negative test before visiting a relative or before returning to some types of work such as teaching or health care). 

  Please note:  

  • Tests at the Burry drive-through testing centre are not suitable for children under 5 years old
  • If you are asking for a test for someone else and the person is aged 13 or over, check they are happy for you to ask for a test for them.

Request a test at the drive-through site in Bury  

To book a test in Bury for a person aged over 5 years you will need to complete a short online form which will ask you some questions about you and your symptoms.  Please note that if there are no local tests available we will send you information about booking a test at a regional testing unit. 

Regional coronavirus testing 

Regional coronavirus testing units can test people of all ages, including children aged under 5. 

See information about regional testing units at gov.uk

Government guidance on testing

Read gov.uk guidance on getting tested