Support for BAME communities

BAME communities coronavirus support line

Nestac, a charity specialised in providing cross-culture emotional support is providing a telephone support line to help BAME communities throughout Greater Manchester during the coronavirus outbreak.  Nestac are registered mental health practitioners and psychotherapists. 

Who can call the support line?

People from BAME communities within Greater Manchester who are:

  • Recovering from coronavirus or are self-isolating
  • Relatives and friends of clients suffering from coronavirus
  • Bereaved relatives and friends of a person that has died of coronavirus
  • BAME women and young girls that are victims of violence and abuse.

What is available via the support line? 

  • Advice, guidance and support provided in varied languages (including Somali, Kurdish, Swahili, Urdu, Arabic, French and more)
  • Cross-culture emotional support
  • Tailored psychosocial therapy for women and young girls that are victims of violence and abuse during the coronavirus outbreak.

How do I call the support line?

  • Phone 07862 279289 or 07894 126157
  • You can also text the world 'HELP' and someone will get back to you
  • The phone line is open seven days a week from 10am to 6pm