Support for health and social care providers

Bury Council is working closely with care providers at this difficult time to ensure we can maximise the availability of care for those that need it most. 

A summary of some of the actions to date is provided below. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We continue to lobby hard on the provision of Personal Protective Equipment and have secured emergency supplies from the national stock for care providers to use in an emergency if their stocks run low.    

A process has been developed to support care providers with gaining access to this emergency supply which is outlined in detail at our PPE web page

Food and supplies

We have created a network of market traders who are ready to support care providers and care staff should they struggle with food supplies. We also continue to lobby the supermarkets and food wholesalers on their behalf. 

Staffing shortages

Care staff

Bury Council and our partners have launched a Greater Manchester wide recruitment campaign for care staff. Bury ACES, our in-house employment service, is co-ordinating recruitment of this new workforce to be made available to care providers across the borough. 

Along with the NHS we are also working with Reed Employment Agency towards facilitating the deployment of NHS and Bury Council staff in services that are struggling. 

Food preparation staff

Our school meal catering staff are on standby to support care providers if cooks and kitchen assistants are absent because they need to self-isolate.   

Health services and caring for residents with coronavirus

We are ensuring that all care providers are aware of the latest Department of Health and Social Care guidance for Care Homes on caring for residents with Coronavirus. 

We are also working across health and care services to develop a service that will assist care providers with meeting residents' medical and health needs of their residents. 

Support to hospitals

Our hospitals are extremely busy with people who need ventilation and substantial respiratory support.  To help keep as many hospital beds available as we can for those who need hospital admission we are doing everything we can to discharge people quickly from hospital into care while they are recovering from the coronavirus or other illnesses.  The NHS are funding recovery care. 

Support to help with meeting additional costs

The health and wellbeing of residents in care, the people of Bury, the health and social care workforce and the sustainability of care provider businesses are vital right now.  

Find out more about care home support

Care provider helpline

During the coronavirus outbreak our care provider helpline is open every day:

  • Phone 0161 253 6307