Radcliffe regeneration - project management and decision-making


The Council has established a comprehensive and strong governance structure to ensure that Strategic Regeneration Framework's proposals receive feedback from a wide cross section of Radcliffe stakeholders.

The governance structure is based on similar examples from other Local Authorities who have successfully bid for recent regenerations monies from central government.

Radcliffe Cabinet Committee (RCC)

This committee provides leadership for the delivery of the Strategic Regeneration Framework and fosters cross party engagement. The RCC meets every two months to monitor progress in delivering the Strategic Regeneration Framework, and to make recommendations to cabinet in relation to investment decisions.

The RCC's membership includes the Council Leader with two Cabinet Members with voting rights plus four Ward Councillors (two Labour and one each from Conservative and Radcliffe First).

Please view Council decisions - Radcliffe Cabinet Committee for information on the RCC's meetings.

Radcliffe Regeneration Delivery Board (RRDB)

The RRDB provides expert oversight, monitors and shapes the direction of the Strategic Regeneration Framework's projects. It also seeks out opportunities for securing public and private funding to support delivery of the Strategic Regeneration Framework programme.

The group is chaired by Sir Howard Bernstein and includes Christian Wakeford MP, the Leader of the Council, the Council CEO, and senior staff from the Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Radcliffe Regeneration Advisory Group (Advisory Group)

The Advisory Group is a forum for community group and business representatives to provide feedback and give recommendations on the Strategic Regeneration Framework's proposals.

The Advisory Group was formerly known as the Radcliffe Regeneration Task Group. Following the approval of the Strategic Regeneration Framework the Task Group's name was altered to more accurately reflect its future role in the delivery of the Strategic Regeneration Framework's projects.

The Advisory Group's membership includes all Radcliffe ward members, key council officers, and representatives from numerous community groups and businesses.

Programme Management Office (PMO)

The PMO is the "engine room" of the Strategic Regeneration Framework, leading on the day-to-day development and delivery of the Strategic Regeneration Framework's projects.

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