Bury Council response - Storm Dennis, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 February

Following on from Storm Ciara please be assured that teams from across the council are working with the Environment Agency and partner agencies to tackle the problems caused.

We have highways, street cleaning, waste management, tree management, community safety and Six Town Housing teams working together to restore normality as soon as possible to the areas that have been affected by floods. Volunteers and community groups are also joining in the effort.

However, with further weather warnings in place for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 February and a further risk of flooding, we are encouraging people to prepare.

Our plan for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 February

W will be closely monitoring the weather conditions and our teams will be out around the clock responding to weather warnings.

  •  Our security team will be out patrolling high risk areas.
  •  Extra gulley cleaning teams will be out minimising flooding risks and dealing with any localised flooding
  •  Our tree team will be on standby for trees affected by flooding or high winds.
  •  We have drivers on standby to assist with transport and road sweeping
  •  Also on standby is an extensive emergency response team.

If properties flood and evacuation is necessary we will set up a rest centre where anyone affected can stay. Pets will also be welcome. Council officers will be on site to direct and help you should this occur.

We sometimes receive enquiries about sandbags to help protect properties but we do not keep a stock of sandbags for residents because the number required would be too great. Also, sandbags are relatively ineffective because they seep water even when well-stacked and trodden into place.

Protect your home and property 

  • Put important documents out of flood risk and protect them in polythene.
  • Where possible move items upstairs or off the floor.
  • Move your possessions away from potential water entry points.
  • Make a list of items in case you need to leave your home and pack a flood kit (eg medication, keys, insurance documents, mobile phone, warm clothing)
  • Move loose items in your garden or weigh them down
  • Check the location of your utility supplies should they need to be turned off.
  • Inform family/friends you might need to leave your home if water levels rise.

We realise this may be a worrying time for residents but we are doing all we can to prepare and respond. Along with the Environment Agency and our partners across Greater Manchester we will be doing everything we can to help keep our borough and our communities safe.

  • For our latest updates over the weekend follow @BuryCouncil on Twitter. 
  • For advice from Bury Council phone 0161 253 5353.