Kay Street bridge in Summerseat - widening and resurfacing scheme

Scheme update: June 2021

The bridge reopened on Friday 18 June 2021.

Scheme update: March 2021

Unfortunately due to bad weather conditions over the winter period and some additional essential works to replace a gas main through the site, the estimated completion date of the works is now 1 April 2021.

Scheme update: May 2020

Works to repair and improve Kay Street Bridge recommenced on Tuesday 26 May.

The bridge was extensively damaged by the Boxing Day floods of 2015, which caused the collapse of the Waterside Inn.

Rebuilding work had to be extensively revised after surveys revealed the bridge's foundations had been damaged much more than first thought.

Work has also been suspended for the last few months due to Environment Agency rules which did not allow river access during the fish breeding season.

The initial phase will re-establish the site compound so that work proper can begin on 1 June, the earliest possible date allowed by the EA permit conditions. The work is scheduled to take 20 weeks.

Discussions have taken place with the contractor, A E Yates, who have confirmed that all works carried out will be in compliance with current Government guidelines and construction sector working practices in relation to Covid 19 restrictions

Updated programme of works

The bridge will reopen on Friday 18 June 2021.

Free bus service

The free service will continue until the bridge is reopened to the public. See the end of this page for the timetable.

About the scheme

We are widening and resurfacing the Kay Street bridge in Summerseat.

For safety reasons, the bridge has been closed to vehicles since December 2015 following damage caused during Storm Eva.

The works will allow the bridge to be reopened to vehicles and pedestrians.

Planned start and finish date of the scheme

  • Start date - 28 May 2019.
  • Completion date - June 2021.

Details of the scheme

  • The existing pier in the river will be repaired and extended with protection works being carried out to other parts of the bridge.
  • The abutments (bridge end supports) will be widened on the upstream side to create room for a pedestrian walkway.
  • New arch sections will be added to widen the upstream elevation of the bridge and finished to match the existing appearance of the bridge.
  • The bridge and the approaches to the bridge will be resurfaced.

Unfortunately, when undertaking a scheme of this nature, some disruption is unavoidable; we will try to reduce this disruption as much as possible.

Plan of the scheme

pdf icon Plan of the widening and resurfacing works on Kay Street Bridge in Summerseat [524kb]

Closure of the bridge to pedestrians and free bus service

During the works the bridge will be closed to pedestrians and vehicles.

We understand that closing the bridge will cause problems for pedestrians commuting from one side of the river to the other particularly pupils attending local schools. To help resolve this, we are providing a free bus service running from 7.30am to 5.10pm, Monday to Friday between Ruby Street and Crag Lane.

978 bus service, Monday to Friday
Ruby StreetCrag Lane
(opposite the bus stop)
Ruby Street

Your questions answered

Who is going to control the works?

Both the design and construction of the works are being co-ordinated by Bury Council. Our Engineering Services will be responsible for the supervision of the works throughout the duration of the contract.

What about noise from the works?

For short periods of time, some operations will create a significant amount of noise. General construction noise can be expected due to the nature of the works, however, we will try to keep this noise to a minimum. There is a telephone number and an email address below if you feel you need to contact us.

What about access for emergency vehicles?

Emergency services will be unaffected by the works as the bridge is already closed to vehicles. However, they will be notified in advance of the works starting and will be made aware the bridge will be closed to pedestrians during the works.

Who do I contact for any enquiries?

If you experience any issues during the construction works then please contact us.

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm: Phone Customer Contact Team on 0161 253 5353.

Email: engcon@bury.gov.uk.

In an emergency out of the above hours on: 0161 253 6606.

Important information

  • The Contractor(s) employed by the Local Authority have a duty to keep the works safe for the benefit of all users of the public highway. If you see anyone tampering with or removing any signs or barriers, particularly overnight, please ring the Emergency number above. You could help prevent an accident.
  • There have been on occasion criminals posing as workmen or utility company representatives approaching householders adjacent to highway works using the works as an excuse to gain access to the property for criminal activity. Genuine representatives of utility companies should be able to produce identification and if in any doubt do not allow access and telephone the police.