Get 20 body measurements in only 30 seconds

What is Boditrax?

Boditrax is an easy to use, discreet and motivating body measurement system that allows you to track and monitor the progress of your health and fitness goals.

What does Boditrax measure?

In just 30 seconds it will measure your:

  • weight;
  • fat percentage;
  • muscle mass;
  • BMI;
  • bone mass;
  • body water;
  • metabolic age;
  • plus lots more advanced measurements such as your basal metabolic rate - how many calories your body needs per day when at rest to function effectively.

Where can I use Boditrax?

The Boditrax machines are available in the gym at each of our centres:

  • Castle Leisure Centre
  • Radcliffe Leisure Centre
  • Ramsbottom Pool and Fitness Centre

How much does it cost to use Boditrax?

The machines are free to use for Bury Leisure members. For non-members there is a charge. Go to the sports centre prices page.

How do I use Boditrax?

To use Boditrax for the first time you will need to set up an account by following the simple on-screen instructions or you can ask a member of our gym staff to help you. Once your account has been set up, remove your shoes, socks and any jewellery, then when asked, step onto the machine and take hold of a scanner in each hand. 

After just a few seconds, your scan will be complete and you can choose to view your results instantly on screen, or later at the Boditrax website. You can also download the free Boditrax app.

We recommend using the machines once a month, before exercise, ideally at around the same time of day for consistent results.

Who can use Boditrax?

Boditrax is most suitable for adults.  The machine can also be used by young people aged 13 to 19 but due to the body still being in a growing phase not all body measurements will be taken. 

How do I monitor and track my progress?

Each time you use Boditrax you will get a new set of measurements so that you can monitor and track your progress against your previous scans.

To help you achieve your goals, ask a member of our gym team to put together a fitness programme for you.