Plastic-free Greater Manchester - take on the challenge

It is estimated that 50% of plastic products are disposable, ie designed to be used once and then thrown away.

Reducing the amount of avoidable single-use plastic we use can have a huge impact on our environment. With only 9% of the world's plastic waste being recycled, and plastic items typically taking around 400 years to degrade, with some releasing toxic chemicals in the process, we need to take action now.

Together we can create a plastic-free Greater Manchester

Best option

  • Don't create waste in the first place.

Next best option

  • Go re-usable where possible

If you have to choose a disposable option

  • Choose items that can be easily recycled

Pledge to make a positive change

Businesses, organisations and individuals throughout Bury and across Greater Manchester are asked to pledge to take action to reduce avoidable single-use plastics. 

Bury Council is taking on the challenge and is committed to reducing avoidable single-use plastic.  We will be reviewing our practices, and making more sustainable choices about the products we use, and the way we deliver our services.  

Ready to take on the challenge?

To find out more and sign a pledge to eradicate the use of avoidable plastics by the end of 2020: