Let's clear the air

GM air quality problem revealed

Many more parts of Greater Manchester have higher levels of air pollution than previously thought, a recently published report reveals.

152 stretches of road in Greater Manchester will still be in breach of legal limits for concentrations of harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) beyond 2020 unless action is taken.

Greater Manchester has considered a wide range of measures that could help reduce roadside NO2 levels, carrying out extensive work to help develop a proposed package of measures.

These measures would clean up the air we breathe as quickly and effectively as possible, while also protecting local people, businesses and the economy.

What next?

  • An Outline Business Case has been developed and will be submitted to government by 31 March 2019.
  • A public conversation in early summer will give an opportunity for people to give feedback and help shape the detailed proposals.
  • A statutory consultation will also follow, giving another opportunity for comment and feedback.

Poor air quality is the largest environmental public health issue facing the UK. Road transport causes 80% of NO2 emissions at the roadside, mainly from diesel vehicles.

Pollutants are linked to a wide range of serious health problems, reduced life expectancy, and contribute to the equivalent of 1,200 deaths a year in Greater Manchester alone.  

Dirty air is hurting us all

Pollution from road transport makes people sick and plays a part in thousands of early deaths.  It's now the biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK.

A new Greater Manchester public health campaign and air quality website is raising awareness of the serious impacts of air pollution and showing how residents, businesses and local authorities can work together to tackle it.