The Big Clean Switch

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The Big Clean Switch is a Greater Manchester campaign that aims to save thousands of residents money by helping them switch to a clean energy tariff.

Switching to a clean tariff is currently saving homes in Bury on average £335 a year. (While planet-friendly power is now very cheap, it's not yet the absolute cheapest option. You may be able to save another £20 or £30 a year with a non-clean deal. These tariffs aren't as good for the environment, but if you want to secure the largest possible savings, then consider using a whole-market price comparison site, such as Energy Helpline).

Switching is easy, fast and painless!

It takes just a few minutes to compare a range of clean energy tariffs with your existing supplier, and if you like what you see, another few minutes to switch.

Don't worry if you don't have a recent bill to hand - the site has a 'usage calculator' to estimate how much energy you use and generate your quote.

How to get started

You can find out more using the 'live chat' function on the website, looking at the FAQs, or telephoning 0800 804 7314.