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Bury High School Menu Tariff

Breakfast / Morning break
Toasted fruit bread£0.55
Croissants (with or without jam)£0.70
Slice of toast£0.30
Potato cakes£0.70
Toasted bagels£0.70
Belgian waffles£0.45
Sausage barm£1.60
Bacon barm£1.60
Cheese on toast£0.80

Meal deals
Item examplesCost
Filled Yorkshire pudding, lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, chilli & rice, curry & rice, meat pie, filled flatbreads, homemade wraps or no fuss sandwiches.£2.40
As above including a drink and a dessert e.g. hot dessert, cake or biscuit£3.00

Sandwiches, paninis and flatbreads
Sandwich typeItemCost
No fuss sandwichesCheese, ham, egg mayo, chicken mayo, tuna mayo or cheese and onion£1.90
Premium sandwichesChicken and Bacon, chicken and sweetcorn, ham & cheese, chicken and stuffing, roast chicken salad, double egg or ploughman's£2.40
WrapsSouthern fried chicken, chicken fajita, Hoi Sin duck or mozzarella, pesto and tomato£2.40
Halal sandwichesPiri piri chicken or chicken and sweetcorn£2.40
Vegan sandwichesFalafelious, bhaji bonanza, mozza ella ella or shabby chic pea£2.40
Homemade wraps / flatbreadsVarious fillings£2.00
Hot Sandwich of the dayFor example: Beef burger, fish finger sandwich, chicken burger or hot meat sandwich£1.90
Standard paninisHam and cheese or cheese and tomato£2.40
Premium paninisSpicy meatball, chicken fajita or mozzarella and roasted tomato£2.60
Homemade filled baguetteVarious fillings£2.20

Other options
Pasta pot of the day - Small (hot or cold)£1.50
Pasta pot of the day - Large (hot)£2.00
Pizza slice£1.50
Chips (chip day only)£1.40
Cornish pasty£1.30
Cheese and onion pasty£1.30
Sausage roll£1.00
Ham, cheese, tuna or chicken plate salad£2.64
Filled jacket potatoes - Cheese, beans, or tuna with salad garnish£2.00
Extra filling for filled jacket potatoes£0.70

Homemade iced cakes and biscuits£0.80
Homemade un-iced cakes and biscuits£0.70
Ring donuts£0.80
Jam donuts£0.80
Homemade flapjack£0.80
Homemade chocolate crownies£0.80
Cheese & biscuits£0.70
Fruity pots£0.70
Homemade fruit pots£0.80

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